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  1. I replaced my stock tuners with Grover Rotomatics and made a huge difference. Other than that, haven’t done much. Mines 14 years old and sadly electronics are starting to get wonky.
  2. Sounds good. I noticed the MXR Dyna Comp I use causes some feedback too? I love my Casino but have dabbled in getting an SG. Are the Epi SG just as good as the Gibson’s?
  3. Okay before all the haters jump on me for feeback issues with a hollowbody electric, I have owned this guitar for 14 years and know about the issues with hollowboyd electrics and feedback. Short of installing plugs into the f-holes and what not, is there any thing else that can be done? Amp I normally use is a Peavey Special 130? Would swapping out stock electronics for better quality parts help?
  4. If it is the cables, Monster has lifetime warranties on them just send them in and they will fix them and or replace
  5. Lottie worked! Will probably put a Switchcraft in down the road
  6. I've toyed with replacing the PUPs in my 05 MIK Casino, but decided the stock ones are ok. I don't generally have to bad of a problem with feedback. I replaced the tuners with Grover Rotonatics and improved tuning hands down. I'm leaning towards a Bigsby to, just not sure. Casinos by themselves are solid guitars, I guess it just depends on taste. Oh I did replace the stock bridge with a non wire Gotoh and that's helped
  7. Is a Maestro in this guitars future???
  8. It would be nice for Gibson to make the Maestro again as an accessory
  9. Yea I'm planning on getting a new '13 Standard and want to find a Maestro Vibrola for the George Harrison look
  10. CB is that a '61 RI or the new 2013 Standard?
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