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  1. personally the SG is my least favorite besides fenders... every oone i have played goes outta tune instantly but maybe thats just me... idk if he likes it than go for it...
  2. im looking for a good wireless setup but dont know wat to get because ive never done wireless before so any suggestions would be great thanks
  3. our opinions dont matter! its personal preference! its good to experiment with all different brands/gauges untill u find the ones that are right for you. i personally like D'Addarios 9-46
  4. well i bought it and it works great! i used it as a preamp through my stereo system and it sounds amazing! now i just gotta get me some good patches online and it'll be good to go.
  5. hey guys i found a Line 6 Pod XT Live on craigslist for $100! im gonna go get it today! they sell bran new for $400! great deal! just thought i'd let yall know!
  6. mine would be the Line 6 Spider Jam, its the perfect bedroom(practice) amp for me! i love it because u can record with it and use a mic through it or an electronic drum kit, or a bass with your guitar at the same time!
  7. well for one is says "Epiphoney" lol
  8. i would try a line 6 spider jam if i were you. i have one and everything i play, from metal to blues, sounds absolutely AMAZING! if thats too much money for you then try something in the line 6 spider category! They'rrrrrrrre Great!
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