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  1. These look like they are plastic: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Epiphone-Custom-Shop-Alnico-V-Low-Profile-Dogear-P90-Pickup-Set-from-Riviera-P93-/201209110232?pt=Guitar_Accessories&hash=item2ed8ff5ed8
  2. I just bought an EB-3 bass so I'll have to keep my eyes open for this. Thanks for the post and glad you got it worked out.
  3. Ever seen a bass you just had to have? When I saw this one it was no question. LImited Edition 60's with set neck and short scale. I really like early Cream and Jack Bruce so it was bound to happen. I know there are those who think the short scale bass is short of a Bass but it has its' own voice. Hec I would have bought this just to hang on the wall. Crazy maybe but I had to have it.
  4. I just saw that. That thang is really sweet looking.
  5. Couldn't be happier for you. Awesome guitar!
  6. That's what I'm talking about. I even tried some Epi SG's that were killer guitars. Long live Epiphone if they keep dishing out the goods...... My DOT feels like a Gibson 59 neck - which is just fine for me. My 62' Sheraton has a slimmer neck but it's dead on.
  7. I'm glad I'm not at this party alone. I've been playing guitar for a long time and I've had some really nice guitars over the years in all kinds of price points but these Epiphone DOTS are a crazy good. I know there are alot of guitarist that say the solid body is the ulimate guitar and I would agree there is definitely room in everyones arsenal for at least one good solid body. Mine is a Gibson SG Special with P 90's. Love that guitar. But the Epiphone DOT has something that just really shines when you dig in. Beautiful warm full voice that is equally at home clean or driven hard. At its' price I don't think there is a more versitle guitar out there. I use to play 335's as one of those nice guitars you fit into your sets. But with the Epi DOT it just seems to my main go to and everything else takes a back seat. Crazy..but true...
  8. Every time I play my Epi DOT I can't believe how great the guitar is for the money. I use to own 2 335's but I prefer the Epi. In fact since getting my DOT I've bought 3 other used Epi 335 style guitars. Great guitars at any price. Set 'em up and play 'em! Can't beat it I like them better for whatever reason and all 4 cost less than 1 of my 335's. Lucky for me. I ended up selling the my cherry Mini HB Riviera for a P93 Goldtop Riviera.
  9. yeah these are really nice. I like the red one but that black one is sweet.
  10. That's great news. I use Corel Draw to downsize and modify photos. But you have to have the program on your computer. You can also usually change the settings on the camera so it doesn't take such a large photo which is a big file. I glad it worked out.
  11. Thanks for the other pickguard supplier and shipping idea.
  12. Great link. That's what I call some variety in Strap choices.
  13. You've had it for months and the plastic is still on the pickguard....That's keeping things as good as new a whole new meaning. Glad to hear you got it worked out. I totally dig the P93 - I got a used P93 Goldtop and it is really a great guitar.
  14. Here we go: http://www.ratvalveamps.com/amps-in-stock and check out this amp mod gallery: http://www.ratvalveamps.com/rat-amp-gallery
  15. Take a look at the front and back panel of this little beast. Cool tweaking for a small combo:
  16. Found it online - but only pics. No one has one for sale...
  17. Too cool - I had no idea they did a 4x10 model amp back in the day...
  18. The UJ paint is on the sides and back of the $2400 Ebay UJ and the headstock is as you see on the 62' pretty cool I wish I had the funds to snag it but maybe someone else will get lucky.........
  19. After carefully looking at these 2 UJ's I now see what the difference is. The 2014 Official UJ ($899)has the 1996 USA Sheraton headstock and fingerboard inlay goes all the way up the neck. Where as the Ebay UJ ($2400)is actually a 62' RI Sheraton painted like a UJ with the early style headstock and the fretboard inlay only goes to the 15th fret. I'm sure the Custom Paint job wasn't cheap(the paint even goes into the "f" holes) If you really like the earlier Headstock, and want a one off I guess the $2400 US dallor isn't too far off. The Official 2014 UJ at $899 (with waiting list.....) is certainly easiler on the wallet.
  20. You can have Tony at Pickguardian make one from your original as a template. Any color you want. Single layer, 3 layer, 5 layer. Here's his website. Reasonable prices and it will fit because he uses your original to make the new one. http://www.pickguardian.com
  21. You can have Tony at Pickguardian make one from your original as a template. Is it a bound Pickguard? I'm not too sure if he does those but you can call and ask. here's his website. Reasonable prices and it will fit because he uses your original to make the new one. http://www.pickguardian.com/ Hope you get it worked out reguardless of who pays. That Tech has no business doing guitar repair if he can't take responsibilty for damaging a guitar. Just saying...
  22. You could get the frequensator replated at a plating shop but the whole thing with the Gold hardware is it wears off pretty fast if you're playing regularily. Plus some people's chemistry seems to be less forgiving than others when it comes to Gold hardware. You could always put a Bigsby on it like I did. I did keep my Dot (In my Avatar) a stoptail. That guitar is my Favorite. I bet the UJ Sherry's gold hardware will wear pretty fast too.
  23. I'm sorry to hear about the condition of the UJ order. Most all of my Epiphones are not perfect around the f holes but certainly not at all bad. It seems that your UJ's F hole paint work is probably bad enough that it's worth mentioning. As far as the worn look of the Frequensator that is not acceptable for a new guitar especially at that price point. I got a "2nd" 62 Sheraton not too long ago and did an intentional full worn job on it and even routed for full size Humbuckers. But to receive a new guitar with worn parts is crazy unless it was a relic or the like.??????? Having said all that - I wish I had a UJ - They look amazing - just hope this is a fluke and not the standard for one of these limited addition Epi's.
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