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  1. Was wondering the same thing, it brought me to the forum (haven't been here in a while).
  2. Welcome! ... I've come to depend on my bc30 for MY sound. I'm sure you'll like it!
  3. How 'bout this ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gbv9s83pBSw for 49 ... http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Danelectro-Hodad-DH1-Mini-Amp?sku=501250
  4. When I ordered replacements for my BC30 I ordered tungsol 12ax7 and a pair of jan-philips 5751 to experiment... I now have both 5751's in V1 and V2 because they make the amp sound so much smoother. The tungsols were an improvement over the stock tubes, but the 5751's sound so good.
  5. I've recently started foolin' around with caps and resistors in the reverb section. I clipped r29 and I am liking the tone of the reverb a lot more. Any of you brave enough to do the same and compare?
  6. Getting the chasis out of the cab is simple. Disconnect everything. Unscrew and take off the back panel. On top of the amp you can see 2 black platic caps on each side... snap them off with a thin flat screwdriver or similar tool, you will now see the four screwheads that hold the chasis, screw them off patiently and don't be afraid of the whole thing dropping inside the cab... the chasis will eventually rest on top of the plywood reinforcements inside the cab. Now you can pickup the whole thing by sliding it from the rear. You can lay the chasis on a table without damaging the tubes, it will rest on the transformers on each side (just don't knock it around). You are now looking at the whole circuit board of your amp. Everything there is labeled. Check all the threads here for recommendations on cap and resistor mods. If you're gonna snip a cap, just snip one of its legs with a cable cutter, assemble the amp again and test. If you don't like it, repeat the procedure and solder the thing back. I for one do not regret having done it, the amp sounds so much better. Hope this is helpful in case you decide to go in there.
  7. No need for re-biasing. The 5881 RI bottles are shorter and do give it a warmer tone (I also went for 5881 and tungsol 12ax7 in my bc30) Have you clipped any caps yet? (I did several tests and settled on clipping c5 only) I also did a 'vasectomy' (tied a piece of string about an inch and a half from the center towards each side of each spring and then I tightened the string so as to squish the midlle portion of the springs) to the springs in the reverb tank to shorten the decay. Very happy with the tone I'm getting now. Cheers, amigo!
  8. Thanks jefrs! I'll be sure to post any interesting results. Ordered some tubes, think I'm gonna install casters.
  9. Update here, clipped c5 and pretty much obtained what I wanted. (thanx!) Only thing that I'm not satisfied with now is the reverb section... If anyone comes up with a way to tame it do tell.
  10. Howdy, new to this forum... Got a BC30 a few days ago, like it a lot. However, would like to get a more 'open' sound. I would say I hear it 'compressed'. Haven't bought any replacement tubes yet but am planning on getting a few tungsols 12ax7, maybe some gt 12at7 or 5751 to expetiment with PI and reverb and a couple of 'soft' tungsols 5881... I want the most headroom I can get on this amp and would like to get more on the touch sensible territory. Was wondering if the mods described here will help me or are you guys normally playing with breakup? Thanks for all the info already posted!
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