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  1. I think humidity can definitely make a difference. Here is my classical guitar that I got almost 40 years ago. It has been well cared for. It has the usual dings and nicks from playing, but the wood is in good shape. I always keep it in the case, so temperature and humidity changes will be gradual. Here is what appears to be a flamenco guitar that was made in Spain. I rescued this guitar from a neighbor. It appears to me that it sat in a sunny window for years, not in a case. Look at how cracked the back is. The wood is very, very dry.
  2. I love my Epi LP Traditional Pro. The satiny neck is incredible. I use DR Pure Blues strings, 10-46, but you will get some duds occasionally with them.
  3. I love my Traditional Pro, but I did have a problem with the nut, too. I think it was the D string that was stuck in the slot. Rather than file it, I installed a new Tusq nut. they're pre-slotted, but you have to file down the bottom. If you take your time and compare it to the old one, it's pretty easy to do. I suggest buying two in case you mess up on your first attempt. It really is a simple job.
  4. The Epiphone cases are really nice, and a relatively good value. When you first get it, there may be a chemical odor, but it goes away (after you get permanent brain damage from it).
  5. I'm really happy with my Jet City head and cabinet. It also comes in a combo version. It is a great value. You can get classic rock sounds, and also more modern high gain sounds. Here is the combo version JCA2212C Here is the head JCA22H Those are both two channel amps. I have the older one channel version, which is still available for a great price Jet City JCA20H
  6. I've heard that 40% to 60% is fine for guitars, similar to what makes people comfortable. I like this hygrometer because I can calibrate it. HygroSet II Round Digital Hygrometer for Humidors Then get this to calibrate it Boveda One-Step Calibration Kit
  7. Beautiful guitar! I think it would look even better with some new knobs, but that is a subjective thing. Regarding the shoes, my strategy is to compliment her on them. "You look really hot in those boots! [which she did] Are they new?" I think it is a much better approach than, "Another new pair of shoes? How many dang pairs do you need?" Same goes for the trips to get her hair done. Most of us guys would rather not draw attention to our latest purchase, but I think our wives want to be noticed and appreciated.
  8. Congratulations! That is a beautiful guitar.
  9. I just bought a Digitech Bad Monkey, and it seems like a great OD pedal for a reasonable amount of money. I agree that a Boss tuner pedal is essential and virtually indestructible.
  10. I suggest buying a new one from a place like Guitar Center. If you don't know anything about guitars, it is easy to get scammed on ebay or craigslist. What kind of music does your son like. Also, don't forget the amp, too. Finally, get used to a noisier house.
  11. Great review. But I'm biased -- I love the Epi LP Traditional Pro. The neck is very comfortable for me. Now you just need to change the knobs.
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