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  1. Thanks to everybody that wrote in. I appreciate all your remarks. You guys really got me to thinking that maybe I should keep the pup. I have been contemplating a change cause a friend suggested trying out a single coil pup (like from a Strat) but I figured that maybe that was`nt such a good idea. I was wondering what does the Gibson EJ160 come with? Does anybody know? That`s what I was wondering. But nobody picked up on my vibe. If anyone knows, please let us all know what kind of pick-up it uses. Thanks to all. Peace!
  2. Greetings to all you Epiphone lovers, I have got a question regarding my ej-160e guitar. I was thinking about replacing the pick-up on this guitar. But I don`t know what to replace it with? If anyone has any ideas please feel free to give me your opinion. I would welcome all ideas. A friend told me to use a Fender pup out of a Strat but before I do that, I figured it would be better to ask my fellow forum users first. So I would appreciate your advice, my friends. Take care all. Peace!
  3. Greetings Fellow Dot Lovers, I too kept the stock pups on my Cherry-flavored guitar. I totally dig the sounds that come flying out of my Vox Pathfinder 15r amp. I may have to also change out the insides but I can wait, till they start giving me trouble. My step-brother also has an ebony dot (made in Korea) and he is the person responsible for my selection in guitars. My guitar comes from China but ever since I got it, all I did is lower the action and adjusted the truss rod. Since then I play it every night. I love the sound of this guitar. I do wish the neck was thinner but it does`nt matter anymore. I got used to it pretty quick. This guitar will remain stock as long as it does`nt give me problems. Good luck to everyone on this forum who has an Epiphone guitar. Peace.
  4. Greetings StewartB, I love the look of your Epiphone Dots. I also love the sounds that emit from those guitars. The 2 you have pictured are truly beautiful. My brother has a ebony dot and I have the cherry dot. We both play guitar and I am amazed at the warmth that they produce. Have you thought of upgrading those pick-ups to Gibsons? I have heard negative things about Epiphone pups but I figure if you like them, that`s all that matters. You are entitled to your own opinion and your own sound. I was thinking of doing the same to my guitar, but have never heard of anyone saying something good about Epiphone pups. Are the pups mellow or are they dark? Just curious about the range of those pups? Well good luck on down the road now. Enjoy your unique blend of shapes in your style of playing. I applaud your decision. Peace.
  5. Regarding your Epiphone SG-400. If I were you I would just leave it alone. You (I have one too!) already have a great guitar. If you are a professional musician by all means change out your hardware. But I`m leaving mine alone. It sounds great just the way it is. I have a 50 watt Marshall and a couple of pedals and I am happy with what I got. As long as it still works I am leaving it the way it is. I seem to read about how everyone changes out their hardware, not knowing that the hardware I admit is`nt the best but again I am not the best player either. I don`t want to sound like anybody I just want to play to my heart`s content. Also I don`t have the bucks to keep seeking new gear every other month. My SG sounds great, I get the sounds that I like. But then again to each his (or her) own. Good luck on your path to sound heaven but play the hell out of your guitar first. Just my 2 cents though. I don`t want anyone to think I`m knocking them, it just seems that- no one is ever content with what they have already. Take care & enjoy yourself.
  6. Thanks to everyone who took the time to post your opinion. Really had a hard time locating most of those strings you suggested. I ended up getting some Martin (12 to 52) type strings, M-2100`s. These were recomended by a friend who owns a Martin guitar and swears by them. So we`ll see what happens when we change them out next week. I will give all the details later. Thanks again everybody. Peace
  7. Greetings Epiphone Guitar Enthusiasts- I just bought a Epiphone EJ-160E recently and I want to know what kind of strings are best for this guitar. It came with regular strings (unknown brand). But I will need to change them out soon. So if anyone out there that can help me with getting the best strings for it would sure help me out. Thanks
  8. Thanks everybody for your input. This is exactly what I needed to know. I was thinking that maybe I would need an impedance type of unit. I am glad that I don`t have to invest in something like this. My brother asked if I do purchase a ext. cabinet it will require a electrical cord to work. Is this true? I don`t really think I do but I need someone else to back me up. God bless you all for your advice (even you - Musikron) I appreciate your musings more than you know. Peace.
  9. Thanks everybody that answered the question. I have been looking into just what "wiggy" has been writing about. That was what I was looking for, no more- no less. I did`nt get a manual when I bought the amp. I looked at the Marshall web-site but I really wanted to know if anyone here at the forum had added a extra cabinet as well. I figured that my fellow guitar players must have been down this road as well. I will take all your opinions to heart. I have learned a little from everyone today- good and bad. Sometimes I feel that not all of us are on the same path here but I wish you all the best. I will look into purchasing a ext. cabinet if it is within my price range. Then go from there. Peace to all you earthlings out there.-- Oscar
  10. Again I find myself having to defend my gear. Attention Musikron, I have alot of respect for your opinions but I have to get back to my original question and that is "can I add a speaker cabinet to my existing amp". That would be a yes or no, then assist me in what I should or should`nt do. Can`t you just answer that question. And not elaborate on my gear. I don`t mind constructive criticism but you keep dwelling on the gear I own or lack of it. Come on man just answer my question, what would you do if you were in my shoes. I am not going to spend more money that I don`t have. I just want to add a speaker cabinet. Is that possible? Be helpful- not critical. I would`nt run you down if you did`nt have what I have. I believe Winterland was close to what I expected. But so many of you guys are not being helpful- give me a break. I wish you all the best. But I expected more from the rest of you. See you later.--Oscar
  11. Thanks everybody for your humble opinions, I really appreciate your thoughts and sympathy regarding my equipment. But first of all, I am happy with the tone I get from my Marshall 50 watt MG Series amp. This is what I can afford for now and no matter what anyone thinks I am content with what it provides soundwise for me. I cannot afford some of these amps you guys mentioned. Remember I am not a pro just a bedroom player like a lot of us out there. You guys imply that top dollar gear is the way to go but I find that everybody`s sound comes from the heart. No matter the price you paid for your gear, you do the best you can with what you have. If you can afford a Gibson- then great. All I can afford is an Epiphone. I will never play a concert hall or even a club. I accept that cause I have a life- and I am in my late 50`s so I do this for the sounds I hear in my head & I will continue to do so till the end. I think most of us are just happy to please ourselves with the gear we have, we are not out for awards or accolades from the majority of the forum users. Be happy with what you got. Remember whether you drive a cadillac or a Toyota (like me) all that really matters if you get to your destination. Of course somebody is bound to disagree with me but take it out on your guitar and enjoy yourself in the process. I would never cut anybody`s opinion of their gear like some of you guys have done- that`s just not cool. I play for myself and I just want to get better because I learn things everyday that are useful and some things take longer. Let me close in saying that I all I asked for " was it possible to add a speaker cabinet to my existing amp". If I could get some opinions as to what kind of speakers could go with it,etc. I did`nt want to hear your thoughts on my gear. We are so quick to judge- what are we 9 year olds? Thanks for the opportunity to reply to all that put their 2 cents in. Next time I want your opinions- I will ask for them. Your Friend, Oscar
  12. Hello everybody at the forum: I own a Epiphone Dot guitar & a 50 watt Marshall MG Series amp. I wanted to get a bigger, fuller sound for myself. So I thought I could add on a extension cabinet to my set-up. Do you think that this could be done? I am not familiar with add-ons, etc. to help out my gear but I figured someone has had this problem before here at the forum. So can anyone help me out here. I do know that I will need a speaker cable but I don`t know if my amp can handle it. Plus a friend told me that my Dot does not have high output pick-ups to do the job. I really don`t know what to think anymore so if someone can advise me I sure would appreciate it. Thanks. Peace to everyone.-- Oscar
  13. I recently purchased a Epiphone Dot guitar in Dec. 2009 & Epiphone SG G-400 guitar in Feb. 2010. Now my question- Are the pick-ups on the Dot & on the G-400 the same? I have a friend that claims that Epiphone is using the same pick-ups in both guitars. Since they are called "dual humbuckers". I don`t believe that this is true but I have no proof to suggest otherwise. I am not at all familiar with the pick-ups Epiphone is using in these guitars. I am happy with the pick-ups that are in the guitars but I don`t know what kind are used. So I must ask the forum members with any knowledge regarding all Epiphone guitars. What kind of pick-ups are being used? I know this question has come up before but this friend is getting on my nerves and I truly don`t know how to reply to this question. Hopefully someone out there has a clear explanation. Thanks in advance to all who take their time to comment. Peace. Guitars- 2005 Dot (Cherry Red) guitar, 2008 SG G-400 (Ebony) guitar, 2008 Les Paul 100 (Heritage Sunburst) guitar. Amps- Marshall MG Series 50 watt & Marshall MG Series 30 watt Pedals- Digitech RP 100A Guitar Processor
  14. Last week I wrote to the forum telling everyone about the Epiphone SG-400 string buzz problem I had. Well, believe it or not I finally repaired it. You are not going to believe it but I just changed the strings on it! I could`nt believe my ears, I removed the extra light gauge strings and put on regular light gauge strings and that did the trick. The guitar came with these exta lights and they felt great but they did`nt help at all. So let that be a lesson to everyone that sometimes all it takes is a change of strings to remove string buzz. I am so happy now that I just had to write everybody and tell all about how I fixed something without tearing it up first. Well, have a Happy Easter everyone & God bless the Epiphone forum. Peace.
  15. I received my new Epiphone SG-400 today. It looked beautiful but it had a string buzz on the D string. Not a fret buzz, mind you. I tried adjusting the saddle but to no avail. I finally had to adjust the truss rod ( which I did not want to mess with) and I got it close to bearable. Has anyone else had this problem? Also was filling out the warranty when it asked about the product code. Where can I find that on the guitar? I hate to ask you my friends cause I am in a world of hurt here. But I know someone out there can help me with these problems. So I will thank you in advance. Love to everybody- Peace. God bless you all.
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