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  1. Well it turns out I have a 71mm bridge lol, looks like it'll be some custom mod then one day, and trying to do that and retain the gold maybe fun! Where do you guys get your touch up paint? Seeing as to start I just need black it should be fairly straightforward.
  2. Thanks for the pics! Does look nice. I'm still torn on what to do, will start with a restring and clean and see what bits my local guitar shop sells and go from there I notice mine is missing the sticker inside, and instead has GT scribbled, presumably that the previous owners initials or something and not supposed to be like that? Cheers
  3. vomer, thanks for that, I had read about something being wider but never realised. I'll have a hunt for a old Sheriton specific bridge, or get something machined up to adapt. Stumbone: wow what a difference! If I had a spare set of strings to hand I'd go do it now I was thinking about colours and making the guitar look right/have an overall theme. Seeing as the white edging to my guitar appears to be pretty yellow I think I'll have to go with gold hardware. Does you have any full guitar shots of a new tobacco burst Sheriton II please? I'm trying to find some but google images isn
  4. Just noticed Chewy's bridge, looks neater/more discreet than my current one... hmm, is this how it all starts?? :)
  5. Ahh nice one!! It always looked like someone has had a go at the gold on mine already, it's probably just from playing as the sides remain a bit gold. If I get bored of playing in a bit I'll have a go at it Just realised I was at a motorbike show today covered in stalls selling screws for restorations, I could have picked up all my screws and bits then! Doh! Are there any common upgrades/mods for the Sheraton II? I wasn't thinking anything like £300 of new humbuckers or similar, more any nice bits I should add to my order when I place it? Thanks!
  6. Hi guys, thank you for the warm welcome Thanks for all the links, looks pretty easy to find the parts, when I get chance I'll make a shopping list. Not sure what theme to follow on modifications so for now I'll do some restoration without losing the patina. I'll look into getting the books tomorrow. Sorry it's been a while getting back, kept meaning to get some nice photos in the daylight but never got around to it so here are some of the problems Bits I want to tidy to start, mainly the holes/missing pai
  7. Hi all, I live in Somerset, England and have owned guitars for nearly 20 years now, but lack of dedication meant I never learnt them. I started lessons, and bought a Sheraton II and it's my new love I'm on my lunch break so don't have decent pics here, but will upload some of my problem areas/detail later I have the serial at home for more details. Looking at it, it's whatever variation this pretty looking one is. Mine is missing the scratch plate, and has two holes where the screws would go / chipped lacquer. The screws around the pickups are nasty. There are a few ligh
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