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  1. Spent the afternoon with the new to me Casino, a Champion600, and a DRRI. The Champion is ok at home, but it doesnt compare to a Deluxe Reverb! Red turned out to be a little more sensitive to feedback than my Gretsch Tenessee Rose, but she DOES enjoy higher gain than I thought! Looking forward to running it with the rest of the band!
  2. Used Casino has made its way to me. I'll be taking it into studio tomorrow to go nuts with pedals and volume and find its gain limits using my gear. I love finding new (to me) guitars, but cleaning em up is something I could do without, but dont feel right unless its done. I vacuumed the case with baking powder and a light dust of febreze to take the chemical funk outta the case. Also stripped the guitar and did a light alcohol wipedown to remove sweat and oils of previous owner. Oiled the fretboard and learned that if the black coloring in the F holes is not cleanly done, you can remove
  3. I have the same guitar. I wanted a '79 replica so I stripped the paint and oil finished it. The solid mahogany cant get any more naked than this. Doesnt look like plywood to me.
  4. Paid gig. Ive been playing guitar since 91. Ive played guitar onstage for bar patrons *open mike night*. I'm not a musician yet. Its not the money that adds value to your music. Its the process of getting hired, performing, and gettin cheddared. Even if its only cheeto crumbs. I'll be there someday. I dont expect to sell out arenas, but I'll play my set, get paid, and be happy.
  5. Hmm. That IS tasty! I know the grass is always greener but I DO prefer those Grover machine heads as opposed to the white button tuners I have. The bigger knobs go better with the elongated headstock (as compared to the Gibbystock) I may have to pick some of those up!
  6. I congratulate you sir, on your fine acquisition!!! You DO understand now that PICS are needed. Better still, get us some video of you playing your new fiddle. Get back to us!!
  7. Turns out that sanding down the bridge saddle was about all that was needed! I do want to replace my very-low-end pins though. Im guessing that better pins than this came from the factory, but I did buy it used online. caveat emptor. The problem I have now is pin sizing. Ive already bought 3 packages of pins from as many local shops, and nothing fits as well as my sporktastic pins that came delivered with the guitar. I'd keep them but they are so low end (HOW LOW END ARE THEY?) - thank you, they are so low end that the tops arent even round! Just like two halves poorly glued together, e
  8. Quick thanks to everyone who pitched in. I already took 1.3mm off the saddle and almost have it restrung. The nut and saddle seem to be FAR better than I gave them credit for. But the pins are nonsense. I picked up some bone pins from pickboy... but they are ill fittin!! So Google is my friend right? Seems like pins come in a VARIETY of sizes... Ive still got some work to do.
  9. Hadnt thought of sanding to a flat surface. Was worried about me goofing up the flat saddle bottom with a dremel... Just sand on the table! Simple application being the best choice! Ive learned something! I had also assumed that the saddle was made of some plastic low end plastic just because of the name Epiphone, and because the pins are so low end they seem to have been made in a spork factory. Just judging the saddle by the company he kept... Bad call perhaps. Having pulled the bridge it doesn't feel much like plastic at all. (Im new to acoustics and non-Japanese Epiphones) I
  10. @Dodgermod: They arent available here in Japan either! I bought mine used. It seems that Epiphone decided to halt production of this popular guitar... because it was popular? They do still make the same guitar in all black, red, or blue. Burst is no longer available. If I can find an MIJ AJ-45 and/or EL-00 (with the Gibson headstock shape and Epiphone name) I'll sell you this one if youre still interested.
  11. I found her and hard case online for $250 The saddle on this thing is as tall as the wood from the top of the guitar... How much should I expect to pay for a shop to cut me a new bridge saddle and nut out of tusq or bone? I expect she'll play much better/easier once I drop the action 1.5mm or so? Sitting as is the big E string is a hair over 3mm above the 8th fret.
  12. Straight up, it looks like the guitar is in the dog's spot, and he aint happy about it...
  13. Geez, a Kramer? you shouldve posted this up 20 years ago I couldve given you a better answer! As best an old man can remember the only problems I had were in restringing. Restringing for a locking trem git is a pain in the rear. Aside from that, no issues. I had some fun with that guitar. I have even more fun watching my local shop here in Japan sell Kramers for about $1800 US... I think I paid like $180 used for mine way back when.
  14. Most certainly do NOT steal from your Father to buy that, or any other rig. You do it the way its MEANT to be done. You sweat for it, then when you buy it like a Man, you play it till your fingers bleed.
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