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  1. Thought about it, but I prefer the neck on the Sheraton and Casinos to the Dot. Anyone have opinions on the Seymour Duncan Phat Cat that is a humbucker sized P90?
  2. Sounds I want? I want a nice mellow-ish sound, but with the ability to go a little heavier. Think Silversun Pickups, to some Foo Fighters. Nothing major, I have my Gibson Les Paul for that Would a P94 in the neck for a Sheraton help me cover more ground?
  3. Now before people get all over my case, I am on a limited budget (saving up this summer), and want a good semi hollowbody sound. So the two options: Casino: P90s, I hate the headstock though. The P90s are really nice, and help cut through Sheraton: I feel the build quality is higher, feels more substantial, and I would swap out the pickups. Hopefully looking for one used, around 300 dollars, with my projected mods (P90 in the neck, seymour duncan jazz or alnico slash in the bridge) would be pretty versatile. Any recommendations? Insights? Advice?
  4. So I was thinking.... When I buy my Sheraton, I will swap out the pups (Yes I have played on the stock pickups, and I don't really care for them) so are there any suggestions as to what pickups to place in there? I was thinking of getting this, but I have no experience with them directly. I play mainly alternative, rock, classic rock, whatever. I am looking for versatile pickups, hopefully something kinda mellow in the neck, and something with some bite in the bridge. Thanks
  5. I am just asking a ton of questions, because if I am going with a Samick (which I think I am), I would have to go on eBay. There are NO used Sheratons by me, so I would have to go with that, which is why I want to know. I have had a Samick, very nice guitars. I have played a ton of em, and they are all high quality. My teacher has a Samick 335 guitar (probably just a sherry with a different headstock ) And it sounds beautiful.
  6. Thanks Joe, if I may.... So what you are saying, is that it is the transitional period with them being made in Japan to Korea, right? I just want to clarify. My main question is that if I found one made by Samick and an Epi by Gibson, would the Epi by Gibson be more reliable, better quality, what? No offense meant to anyone, I understand it has a cool history, but I just want to play the thing. I want the best quality one for the least amount of money. In your opinion, would I be best off, just for quality and reliability, to go with a Samick made one, or a Epi by G? Seriously,
  7. Here's my other question: A few people brought up the Epi by Gibson. What is so special about these? Better quality? What? Thanks again, you guys are helping out a ton
  8. Hiya Duane I play rock, alternative, blues, and some other stuff, but that primarily. I like how the Sheraton sounds, its different from the 335 in a way. I don't plan that many mods, maybe some different pickups, but I probably won't go with some PAFs because I am not really going for the 335 sound. I might put in a p94..... Thanks, I learned some info. You guys are really helpful, and I hope to remain here and learn more.
  9. A few of you have mentioned the Samicks, which I like. I had a Samick LP style guitar, and it sounded great, and it was super cheap. How will I know if one is a Samick made? And how much should I be paying for a used one in good condition, maybe just a few nicks in it.
  10. Looking to buy a Sheraton, but I have a few questions: what should I look for in one? Certain manufacture to look for or avoid (place of manufacture, ie Chinese, Korean, samick, etc) how do you like them? Should I go into it looking go replace some parts? Just want to know what to do for one thanks
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