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  1. my most recent LPJR build. 2 piece mahogony body, 2 piece mahogony neck. Rosewood fingerboard. medium width tall frets. 1 P90 as this is all a JR should have. Oil filled cap for tone.
  2. I like the kluson style tuners from guitar fetish
  3. thanks Sheila. It is done. I'm playing now as I'm reading emails and such. I'll get more pics up when I can bring myself to put it down. The one I'm still building is the set neck doublecut JR. Thats still in pieces.....
  4. after reading thru the thread, just a couple of things to add, or reitterate. The weight of the wood has little to do with the tone. The resonence of the wood is what gives tone. Take basswood and poplar. Both light weight lowergrade hardwoods. Weighing roughly the same in a guitar body. Basswood is muddy and unclear. Poplar is bright and full of tone. Cap basswood with maple, and you get a similar tone to poplar non capped. Maple is very heavy and has a bright tone. Mahogony can be very heavy and have a much warmer tone than maple. About swamp ash. Many luthier wood suppliers and buil
  5. play classic rock, alternating, hard rock , a lot of originals. Some hard, some soft, some in between. Since 2004 I've been using a Vox ad30vt. Last year I built a 2x12 cab for it, and added a external cab jack. Killer tone, or should I say tones. I tried every modeling amp in GC and this was by far my favorite. Suits me perfectly. Couldn't imagine not having it.This is the only pic I seem to have of it, behind me .......
  6. I really love that guitar. The tone he got out of it, on that rooftop in Let it be, makes me really want one. I play one now and then at guitar center, just never seem to have the change.......
  7. mahogony necks need to be 2 or 3 piece to be strong enough. 1 piece as you said, snaps off way too easy. It's all in the ears. I prefer the sound of a hog neck, but the strength of maple. 6 inline I always do maple. 3 on 3 I build the neck out of mahogony. Easier to carve, and I prefer the sound. But it is always a multi piece neck for strength. The pics to me anyway show a closed grain wood. Even the Asian Mahogony is open grain wood. It still looks like mahogony, just lighter in color. The guitar shown appears to be a soft maple or Alder. Hard to tell from the pics.
  8. this guitar clearly isn't mahogony....
  9. is that finish on the left side of the neck joint picture? I hope it's that and not a sloppy neck shim. I can't tell for sure from the pic. Looks alot like soft maple. But again, hard to tell from just pics. It's too bad. You buy a Les Paul, you just expect mahogony. I'd be painting it black if it were mine. Not that natural won't look good....but not a lot of interesting gain there.
  10. in the 1st few pics that color look opague. My 1st rule in buying used guitars. If it is a solid color, assume they are trying to hide the wood for a reason. If I can see woodgrain, there is at least a chance it is of higher quality.
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