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  1. Anyone got any views/experience on/with this fella? http://www.guitarpartsshop.co.uk/acatalog/Seymour-Duncan-APH-1-Alnico-II-Pro--Humbucker.html
  2. Yeh, I should forget the P94s. Must go jump onto evilbay and have a gander........... The thing is, I'm really a bassist who has a few guitars and I'm not too clued up on what's out there, 'bucker-wise. You got any experience of GFS kit?
  3. Thanks for that. Remember seeing something about P94s, as well...........decisions........
  4. Dear God, I don't think 'Laddie' is anywhere near as bad as using 'Boy' to a bloke in the South. My old man - yet again - called me 'Boy' as well, when annoyed with me. Hhmmm... beginning to see a pattern emerging here! Joe: that's from 'An audience with Billy Connolly' from the late '80s; one of the funniest things I've seen. Crawford and Tarquin - the surname clan have taken over!! Anyway, back to Sheratons: what's the diff bewteen a Mk1 and a Mk2??
  5. I think Strumbone means well - I am an Edinburgh guy and my old boy used to call me 'Laddie' when he was hacked off with me. Well, I think I'll pull the whole harness when I get round to changing the pups. SD Antiqs, eh? Must admit I was a bit shocked at the price of just ONE Classic '59 !!
  6. Hello. I'm new to the forum and have just taken possession of a '95 Sheraton, bought off a colleague for a bargain price. Restrung it yesterday and plugged her in. I must admit I'm not daft over the pick-ups - they seems a bit edgy - but I was really alarmed at the volume drop when turning down the rear pup. This is also more noticeable on a 'drive' setting on the amp. I also have a Gibby 335 and that guitar does not exhibit the same trait. It seems that the cap must be bleeding off volume as well. Any ideas? I was also thinking about putting in a couple of SD Classic '59s but would welcome any further comments and recommendations regarding both the points raised here. Best, Flyboy
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