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  1. Try using a hairdrier... seriously, it should come off quite easily.
  2. Humidity/temperature conditions were almost perfect.. I have described my situation here
  3. I had to wait for my DR-500MCE VS for almost one year. Then, when it finally arrived I played it for three months and than the wood started cracking. I returned the guitar to the store (official Epi dealer). Yeah and that was in May this year. I still have no response regarding the turnout of my guitar issue - replacement, refund??? Btw, I'm from Europe. I hope that nobody else will have similar experience. Good luck.
  4. It is really noticeable when you look at it. I know that picture isn't that good.. but anyway i framed the crack with red line - trust me it's there. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  5. Thank for the reply. Yeah I think you are right about second shot and Epi.But there are two things that worry me. One is that I already had to wait for this guitar for 10 months to arrive (I live in Europe, Croatia), and I don't want to wait again.. The other thing is that there have been some rumours about faultiness of this model - but I don't know is that true, because all that I've heard is that there have been a bunch of manufacturer refurbished models on ebay and elsewhere, and that there was some specs modifications for this particular model.. I don't know. I saved money for 2 years, waited it for almost a year, played it for a month (with quite a big smile on my face) and than this happens :(((
  6. And here is a picture from the inside. It clear now that wood is cracked.. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  7. Hello everyone.. I've bought my Epi Masterbilt DR-500MCE VS about month and a half ago. Everything was great until today when I noticed that wood is cracking right next to Shadow electronics panel screws. I can't believe this is happening. I just started to love this guitar and now this... It never fell on the floor, it was never even slightly kicked or scratched, it never went out of my home. It is kept mostly in a room that has great air characteristics - moisture just above 40 percent and temperature 20 - 25oC (68 ºF - 77 ºF). I hope that you can see the photos and the crack clearly because I don't have the camera at hand so the pics were taken with a cellphone camera. The first and the second picture show the bigger crack which is visible from the inside of the guitar - the side wood is cracked! The third one shows the smaller crack which is on the right side to the first one. Did anyone had any similar experience with masterbilt guitars?? I'll contact my seller tomorrow.. What do you guys think - should I ask for a refund? If they offer me to exchange this guitar for the same model again I doubt I'll accept that... if you are asking me now no more Epiphone for me. I hope you understand.. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  8. Can't say that I didn't expect that kind of answer. Anyway thanks for the info man.
  9. Hey Gta05 let us know if you find something out about the saddle. I'm sorry to hear about your situation with capo and intonation. My intonation is almost perfect up the neck..
  10. I get what you're saying. It sure ain't broken.. but I'm always for trying to improve if I can because it's fun to do at the end. I'm sure that any guitar would sound good in Claptons hands. I also think that good acoustics on a guitar comes from a wide range of more or less important elements, former are wood and strings, and other; and a thing like a saddle would surely be of the latter. I have seen some noticeable improvement in the sound (or at least in sustain) of a guitar when it comes to saddle replacement. Anyway, thanks for your opinion Diverden. Cheers
  11. Hey Diverden and Gta05, thanks for replying. Unfortunately my shop isn't willing to supply me with a proper saddle because they say that they just sell what they get from manufacturer and that's it. I can't blame them. I decided to consider replacing the saddle with a B compensated one because I think I could get a bit of improvement. As I understand the B compensated saddles have a sharper top edge, and maybe a slightly different angle wich also helps in intonation improvement. First I did is go to Bob Colosis' site and explore their products, but they are a little over the price range for me (+ the shipping costs to my country if they even ship to Europe). Gta05 - your saddle looks just like mine. Have you been thinking about replacing it? Can you tell more about how your guitar sounds and are you satisfied with it? (action, playability, etc.) Yesterday I restringed my guitar with Elixirs 11, and man what a change. I couldn't beleive. It started singing right off. Do you guys think that it makes sense trying to replace the saddle with a b compensated one?
  12. Hello everyone. I finally got the Masterbilt DR-500MCE VS. I've been waiting for it for ten months (ordered in May 2010). The guitar seems really nice overall. Its my third acoustic - i had a Fender CD-140S, and I still have a Seagull Entourage Rustic. Epi seems like the best one of the three. The sound is great and full, a lot of bass wich I didn't expect, nice mids and treble too. The strigns that were on are some kind of 12 gauge with no coating, and honestly i think they suck. I will put Elixirs 11 custom light today. The playability and action of guitar are good (i had to adjust the truss rod just a bit to remove the bow). The thing that I noticed is that the saddle is not compensated as shown on Epi ang gibson sites. Its just a regular (bone) saddle that I'm planning to replace with a new one. I have a feeling that it would improve a sound a little bit. So, I was wondering if you could recommend me a replacement saddle, because I've read that ''sharper'' compensated saddles made of quality materials such as bone or tusq can make quite a sound (resonation) improvment on acoustics. I will probably be ordering it from ebay. Here is the picture of my saddle.. Hope that you experienced guitar-people will help me. Sorry if my English is not so good. Thanks. Tom [/img]
  13. Here's a new review of the guitar. On the second page you can hear a demo of the guitar with some nice open chords. What's more to say.. I think it's originally published in the Guitarist Magazine most recent issue 333. Cheers. Tom Epiphone DR-500MCE VS Masterbilt
  14. Hey TxStrat, yeah it's really weird. I have noticed that too. I've been searching the ebay a few days ago and there were only two in natural, and now there are also two in VS as you have mentioned. All four Epiphone DR-500MCE guitars are manufacturer refurbished. I hope that this guitar isn't a faulty product. Two of them are located in Nashville and the other two in Inkom, ID, United States...
  15. Yes, It's really a hard to get. I'm waiting for this guitar since may. I'm in Europe and there are actually a few places that have it in stock, but if you're in USA than I don't know. I know that sites like GuitarCenter are pushing the dates forever and it's really frustrating but what can you do. I sincerely beleive that Epiphone has good business politics but prolonging the dates that much really isn't far from lieing. At least it isn't fair and for sure it aint good for the company image. A lot of people are aware of this...
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