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  1. @Cooper : Thanks for your post, it explained a lot. But the thing is I like the SG sound(but i want it a bit less dirty) and Firebird shape. So this guitar is win-win guitar for me... I was just wondering if it was fake and I found out that it's not.
  2. I'm getting it for 250€ .... And i will trade in my BOSS OS-2 + adapter so i will get it for 180 ... Hurray
  3. Hello! I'm thinking of buying an epi Firebird and I found this one. According to serial number it was made un 1997. But i'm a little confused if it is fake or not. I really don't know why someone would fake a epiphone but anyway: - The volume and tone knobs are strange, never seen them on any Firebird (maybe they were on older Firebirds?) - Strange pickups... Firebirds normaly have pickup covers right? ... I know they might have been removed but are this pickups normal? - Normaly there is only Epiphone sign on the truss rod cover, but there is Epiphone logo on it, and the sign is above the tuners. Is this normal for 1997 Firebirds? (don't let the tuners confuse you, they were replaced)
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