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  1. yes, mine isnt a VOS though, its the one before the VOS came out. I was just wondering if it is normal for it to fade that much in 5 years... and if it is possible to maybe get it relaquered.. i mean its worn all the into the wood on the back at the top. I know that's what happens to Les Pauls over time, but 5 years is way sooner than i expected considering i baby the thing so much..
  2. ive had a gibson les paul 1958 historic custom in cherry burst since 2004 (about 5 years old).. and the thing is getting real worn. on the back near the top by the toggle switch its warn to the wood on the edge. on the top by where your arm goes and the bottom where your leg would go when sitting down and playing its real faded like the iced tea color. Sure my guitar has a fair share of dents, nothing major, all in lacquer only. But my question is should it be wearing out this fast? is it normal? i do play a lot but i have 7 other guitars i use all the time.. is there anyway to refinish it, and how much do you think it would cost? thanks!
  3. Hey heres the two new colors!!! someone has them on sale on ebay with TONS of pics! that look pretty cool, even the back is dyed! Red Burst: Red Burst Gibson Axcess Emerald Burst: Emerald Burst Gibson Axcess
  4. SO.. i just got back from playing the gibson axcess at the local walmart (guitar center), and i am kind of disappointed, and had some problems with it. One being that the floyd rose is REAL STIFF, does anyone else have this problem? it just is way to hard to pull down on the thing compaired to the floyd rose on my kramer 1984 EVH which is super easy.. i dont know if it was the springs or what.. also the guitars cavity for the floyd rose just barely fits it so it sort or touchs the side of the body when using it which will end up scraping the side of the floyd cavity.. the cavity routing for the floyd rose is also very shallow so you cant pull back like you could on a normal floyd.. it would have been better to either make the cavity deeper, or just not have a cavity and let the floyd rose float over the body.. it just doesnt feel how i thought it would..
  5. it rose $400 over the past 2 months! thats a big difference all of the sudden..
  6. ya musician friend or any online retailer dont have them even listed.. only guitar center has them right now.. the only thing i wish they would have done was to keep the pickup covers on, it makes it look better with the floyd because there both chrome (well the cover could be nickel but you get the idea).
  7. I bought a Gibson 1958 les paul custom historic les paul back in '04, it was $3000, when the vos series came out you raised them to $3300 and that was the price they were until this month, now there at $3700, why do you keep raising the prices on it.. not complaining here (cause it just brings up the value of my guitar:d/ ) but i was just wondering why, also what the difference is between the VOS and mine (regular 04 historic 1958), lots of people ive talked to online and from articles ive read say they dont want the vos and want the pre VOS 1958s, why? please clarify admin, thanks!
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