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  1. took the Valve Jr. head I got from Gibson back to GC and traded it for the combo version. was able to get the combo,2 year warranty and a couple of cables for only 6 bucks out of my pocket. if it goes on the fritz this time at least I'm covered on repairs and shipping. plus I can use the 8" speaker in the combo as a "cabinet" for my Tweaker head.
  2. found out today that my replacement Valve Jr. will be here on the 14th. it will be retunred to GC on the 15th. looking to replace it with a new Egnater Tweaker,new Vox Night Train or a used Fender Hot Rod Deluxe. have to see what else they have in that price range when I get there.
  3. I'm just learning how to play ta age 45. had carpal tunnel surgery just over a year ago and I can actually hold onto a guitar now without my hands hurting. I bought the VJ because it was simple,cheap and sounded good. it seems it has been out of order at least half the time I have owned it. time for something more reliable.
  4. talked to Bob Burns at Gibson today,he says there are no plans to discontinue the VJ.
  5. I had to send my VJ head back to Nashville for repair (second repair on a replacement for the original I bought last January),asked for the Hot Rod version as a replacement. he said they had to send the same model back to me,so they must still have some at Gibson in Nashville. call Bob Burns at Gibson,maybe he can help you with that input jack and tell you if they are discontinued.
  6. for one,it is under warranty and should be replaced but it's more the principal of the thing. thought about the mods,I'm not comfortable doing them myself and I'd rather buy a better amp than pay someone to do it. talked to a guy who has one for sale on CL here,he had it for four years and hasn't even replaced a tube. my friends guitar player has one as well and has had no problems in the two years since he bought his. found out today that Gibson is sending me a new one.I may just take the new one to GC and trade it for a Jet City 20 watt combo,sell it on CL or try it one more time. third times a charm!
  7. the amp made it to Nashville today. I hope they get to look at it in the next day or two and get it repaired,or send me a new one (my preference).
  8. shipped it off to Nashville today,$25. sure hope there is something terribly wrong with it and I get a new one,but then I may be back to square one with the original problems I had. better yet maybe they will just send me a check for what I paid for it (and my $25 for shipping) and I can buy something else.
  9. must have been resin. he replaced both tubes (he used Ruby's) at this time as well,about 5 months ago. called Epiphone today and talked to Bob Burns and he says I have to send it back to Nashville for repair. he said it never should have been fixed by my local tech the first time even though someone at Epi. said to take it to my tech,who is an authorized Epi. repairman. if it is a tube,I hate to send it 1200 miles to get it replaced,but on the other hand there is only 2 months left on the warranty and I need to get it checked by Epi. before that warranty expires. i do have a SS backup that I can use.just frustrating having to send it back to Nashville when there is a guy 15 miles from me that can do it.worst part is I dropped it off on Saturday to the local tech who is closed until Wed. and bob at Gibson will not be in until Saturday the 27th for me to give him the serial # so I can get a RMA to send it. heard nothing but good things about the JJ's.
  10. had to take my Valve Jr. back to the shop for the second time in less than a year. first time it was due to glue from the "board" getting hot and getting in the tube socket. that problem was fixed and new tubes installed. last night it started cutting out,I pulled the cable from the input on the front and it made a high pitched scream. turned it back on a few minutes later,no sound at all. turned it off then back a few minutes later,worked fine the rest of the night. took it to the shop today and as soon as he plugged it in and hit a note on his Tele,it just cut out. he said the tube was "cherrying" (is that a word),getting to hot to fast is what I got out of it. he said it could be just a tube,which is not under warranty anymore since he replaced them already. no big they are only $15,he uses Ruby tubes. or it could be something else like a power transformer. this is my replacement from the original that I bought last January.the original had problems within the first two weeks of purchase and was returned after waiting 5-6 weeks for this replacement. so 1 replacement and two repairs in less than a year. does this qualify as a "lemon"? should I ask for a replacement from Epiphone? anyone else have likewise problems? thanks
  11. took me for a ride? it's under warranty so it didn't cost anything. I don't think he would risk his reputation (he's been around here for twenty plus years) over a five dollar tube socket and a 20 dollar tube.
  12. got the head back from the shop yesterday. it seems there was some "goop" on the board that had melted into the power tube socket and was causing problems. he replaced the tube socket,new tube(JJ) and a couple of other things I can't remember off hand.
  13. I mentioned the varnish on the fuse ends to an electrician at work,and he asked "why would someone do that" and that it could cause problems.
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