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  1. Mine is supposed to arrive on Saturday...at least that's what the FedEx web site says. I have a gig Saturday night but I play bass in that band.
  2. I hear they are shipping now, but I am not seeing any chatter on the internet with reviews, pics, vids....nothing. Are you guys just hiding and not sharing any details?
  3. Count me in.... I have been waiting for one of these since I first heard about them a couple months ago. Looks like Aug 4th is an ETA at ZZounds.com. I have one spot left on the wall that this would fit very nicely in. I don't really care about a "sub-par" tuner.. I have plenty of good tuners laying around. As far as the USB goes, I am not much of a video game player so not realy excited about the game everyone keeps talking about and I have plenty of other audio interfaces in to ProTools for recording....BUT the tone, the upgraded ProBucker Pups and the A/B/Y swithch has me sold. I am trying to decide between the Midnight Blue and the Vintage Sunburst..... maybe I will have to make room for both! A coil tap switch would have been nice, but I have several other single coil guitars to choose from.
  4. +1 on the Fender Blues Jr. I have that exact same acoustic plus 10 other guitars (electric and acoustic) and play them all through my blues Jr NOS. It has an awesome clean sound for the acoustics and plays well with stomp box overdrive pedals (the OCD being my favorite) and any other EFX boxes, especially the L6 M9. Not too big and heavy but a lot of sound for a 15w tube amp.
  5. After trying several amps I decided to go with the Fender Blues Jr. NOS. 15watts and great tone at low and high volumes. The only thing I didn't like about it was it doesn't ( or didn't until I added one) have a standby switch. I think all tube amps should have a standby switch.
  6. I am using the DR Pure Blues strings, but I might contact them anyway and see what they say.... I am lusting after your 339 in Pelham Blue. That is the first purchase I am going to make as soon as I win the lottery.
  7. Yes, right on the saddle. I have been using the DR Pure Blues on most all of my other Electric Guitars and I hardly ever break strings. I am breaking 2 a week on Lucille. Do they make graphite saddles for the tune-o-matic bridge. I use them on my Strats and my Tele..
  8. Anyone else having trouble breaking a lot of high E strings on Lucille.....and what did you do about it?
  9. I LOVE mine and I am glad I waited for the VS. A good set up and the compensated saddle make this an incredible guitar!
  10. Matiac, The differences I have read about are: 1. USB 2. Tuner 3. Probucker pups 4. Selector switch for the NanoMag and probucker pups. 5. The output jack panel is metal instead of plastic. I don't have an Ultra II, but the complaint I read about the most is that platic outout panel would break. If I had an Ultra II I wouldn't care to much about the USB or tuner, but the Probucker pups, selector switch and not having to mess with a broken output jack panel would definitely make me think about the upgrade. I am anxious to see what the Midnight Saphire looks like also.
  11. HNGD...I have the TransBlack and really like it....That being said if they made it in a Tobacco burst or what they call desertburst I'd have to get another one.
  12. Thanks for the feedback.....I didn't even know about the Ultra III. The USB out and tuner don't interest me that much, but the Probuckers and a toggle switch to control the pickups might definitely be worth the wait. I have a Masterbuilt DR500MCE with the NanoMag pickup that I really like. Does anyone else think it's a little strange that you can pre-order an Ultra III from ZZounds, but the Epi web site doesn't even mention it yet. It makes me wonder if it's actually going to be available in early Aug like the ZZounds web site says it is???
  13. How does the NanoMag pickup sound? Does it really give you a decent acoustic guitar sound? I am not worried about the LP sound I am sure it can do that. I am playing at church a lot more these days and dont want to have to switch between an acoustic and an electric.
  14. I have had the DR500MCE for a while now so the "new girlfriend syndrome" has worn off. This is simply a great guitar. I have a Breedlove that I paid 2000.00 for and I still grab the Epi first. When it was finally released from Epi, they didn't even talk about or have any pics of the natural version, only the VS. Then you go to GC or check the MF website and no sign of the VS anywhere....only the natural. After several calls to both Gibson and Guitar Center (no need to call Musicians Friend cuz Guitar Center owns them too) I finally found out that originally the Natural was supposed to be a GC/MF exclusive and i was told that by GC/MF that they couldn't order the VS. This made absolutely no sense to me at all other than to get the exclusive on the natural they had to sell a certain number of them, so they were pushing the Natural over the VS. Anyway,I wanted the VS bad enough that I just kept looking and found one at a guitar shop in Denton, Tx. I like the way the VS gloss looks before I play it, but I sweat a lot when I play and I have to keep wiping down my guitar.
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