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  1. Does anyone no how I can get the proper sound of a guitar onto a computer. I don't mean just using a microphone. I have an effects unit that goes from my guitar to it through a normal guitar lead, then a universal plug (I don't know what it's called but the one that fits to most computers and iPods) into my laptop. That system didn't work. Any suggestion's?
  2. Hi Guys, my name is Mark and in early December of 2009 I bought my dad a genuine electric guitar from Gibson. The problem is that now I am thinking of getting an accessory that would help to make the genuine (this is a long name) , Gibson Epiphone SG G400 Cherry, unique for my dad. So I was thinking of getting the plate that is screwed to the head of the guitar that says 'SG' changed for a custom one. (I DO NOT MEAN A CUSTOMIZED SCRATCH PLATE) If there's anyone out there that live in the UK or know of a global company that sells custom plates please leave information in this post. As well I want this to be delivered by June 20th 2010 so please help as soon as possible. Thanks, bye
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