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  1. Mmmmm.....who knows although I went with IB Sunburst as the Natural looks too aneamic (spelling?). This guitar is strong on the Beatles vibe as well as Keith Richards & Dave Davis and in their time they used Sunburst. Not sure if there were other finishes available, over here in UK at the time. And personally I'm not happy in using a guitar that is too conected with one particular musician, so the Sunburst fitted my personal requirements. After all it was the guitar I wanted, not which particular muso used it and IB happens to be a wonderful and characterful guitar. Am I right thinking
  2. Thants interesting. Gosh am getting a bit confused though, friend of mine told me that the metal covers were in fact better for shielding than the plastic covered P90's as on his Gibson. Said something about a Faraday Cage ;) and stuff. All wizzo way over my head. It would be interesting to do an A/B test with a similar guitar. Though wouldn't be much help comparing my Casino to his Gibson Melody Maker.
  3. Mmm....don't want to Marshall bash but maybe they've taken their eye off the ball. Our bass player has had lots of trouble with his Hybrid Marshall head he bought around 9 months ago. His confidence is now waning: he brought his old Peavey head along to the last gig we did. Here in the UK it seems a lot of people are moving over to Blackstar. Great advice in above posts, it's often overlooked how important a good amp is. PS: Sorry if this somewhat hijacks the original thread
  4. And more praise still for your fantastically helpful chart Brian. Doh!!! If I'd found this earlier I could have saved myself so much time. Am thrilled with my 'Inspired By' Sunburst Casino that I bought a few days ago. I did masses of research to try and sort out what was what with all things Casino, so by the time I went for a test drive I knew the model I thought I wanted. Now I'm not putting down the less expensive Epi model but strewth, having tried that too just to see what the difference was like, I was seriously surprised. That extra dosh for the Inspired By in my view was
  5. Rich, sorry that I can't answer your questions but can say that in my experience those 70's Epi's are great and definatly worth spending some TLC on
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