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  1. @metal guru - Sorry bout that - it is a LP @animalfarm - Thanks for the advise, researching now on the link given. The Classic looks exactly like the one in this photo except it does not have the pickup covers and it has a pickguard. There are no nicks or dimples on the guitar, a few light scratches on the back when held at the right angle, no visible cracks in the neck. Just like the amp in my other post this is one of those deals where someone owes me money and is wanting to pay it off with this. Thanks for the help guys................. Chris
  2. For those not following my other thread a brief run down. About to start learning to play. Looking for my first guitar and decided on the Standard based on responses to my other post. Anyways, ran across a real good deal on a Classic last night and just can't find any information about them. I can get this guitar for $230 with HSC. Had my more experienced cousin examine the guitar for condition and all is well on that end. Tried searching the forums but not alot came up. Basically what differences am I looking at between the 2. Really interested in this guitar, almost wish I woul
  3. Thanks for the replies, suggestions and encouragement guys. Looking for the Standard I want. Not in too big of a hurry but hope to have something by next weekend. About the wife, it's kind of like my weight, I have way too much time and money invested to lose it now. All kidding aside she is really a great person supporting all my ideas. Seems like every year I want something new and she lets me run wild. Last year I bought my first motorcycle, a new Triumph. Year before she let me get one of the my dream cars, a '67 GTO Convertible. I am very happy with the wife I have.
  4. Ok......after some quick research I have decided to go with the standard. Thanks to all the quick replies, now the search begins. Chris
  5. Thanks for the replies so far. @alanssaab - Have not even looked at the standard. I will look into it and do a little reading. @pennyman - Unfortunately the PRS's all cost more than my first car did. He offered to let me borrow one for a few months but I just can't bring myself to borrowing something that expensive. He has offered to look over whatever I choose. He will be giving me lessons, he has been giving lessons for side money for the past 15 years. @ new to strats - That would end up costing more than any guitar I would ever want. @ rsdx - That is pretty much what I
  6. I have been wanting to learn to play the guitar for a long time but never took the opportunity to start. Well the worst thing that could have happened happened; my doctor made me quit drinking, the wife decided to give up sex, so I have to have some kind of vice. I know it is a late start at 41 years old but I am ready to start learning. In my business I am always running across deals. A guy needed to get out of a bind and needed $250.00 and gave me a Marshall DSL50 tube head with a 1960A cabinet in excellent condition. My cousin who has played the guitar for 25+ years checked it out f
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