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  1. just finished putting on the bigsby and painting it goth black.....just kidding. Thanks for the input. I think i'll just leave it alone. My new plan, bigsby B70 on my MIK casino and I'll just look at the '64 while i'm playing the other. Joe
  2. I have a mint 1964 casino that doesnt have the second stap button installed. Is it fine to have one installed on the back of the body near the neck without altering its vintage/value? Also, has the old epi style trem. Was considering a nickel B7 bigsby but concerned about new screw holes on the front. Any thoughts? thanks, joe
  3. Hi, I'm new to the forum interesting that this is such a recent topic because I just agreed to purchase a 1964 casino from a coworker (June 18th Pauls birthday). She heard I liked guitars and said she has had one that just sits in her closet. She is basically telling me to name a price and I'm trying to find one that is fair. she has no idea as to its value. I just can't take advantage of the situation. anyhow, I had it appraised by a vintage guitar shop and they said the trade in value is 1800 and the retail range is 2750 to 3000. I find this strange considering the online prices cl
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