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  1. ^ Exactly what i'm thinking, can you believe some peoples prices. Don't buy that go to ebay
  2. absolutely' date=' the fact that you have Noel Gallagher in your dp is reason enough. [img']http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_TGaFUPJleS4/S0KPwmeZqYI/AAAAAAAARw0/O1jt5Aco_Gc/s1600-h/Oasis+Murrayfield.jpg[/img]
  3. I put Epiphone pickups back in because I got them for almost $50 and waited like 2 months for them and Gibson 57' classics would have costed me $130 for 1 not including tax.. seeing as I don't have a Gibson I didn't want to spend the price of a Dot just on pickups. I know they would have been nice but i'll save it for when I buy a real 355, for now im content. I forget who it was at the end of the last page that mentioned it being a Dot and it being a 335 not a 355. I know, the Dot is Epiphones version of the 335. I wrote 355 because I was trying to make it look like one by installing some of the (cheaper) signature parts. Yes, the inlays, the split diamond headstock, binding on front and back and fretboard are different if not completely missing. Not to mention the varitone switch (which isn't even included on every 355 only on the ES-355TD-SV model if you want to nit pick haha) To make it detail for detail would be very expensive and probably pointless because you could get one for 3-4 grand. AS90 - The plate is just plastic as mentioned and I got it off ebay you can search "custom made plates" it was $15. The gold one thats seen on early 60's Gibson 335 are their as well and they are really expensive probably again the price of a Dot itself. I looked at the link to the $90 but I really don't see much their to justify $90. My $15 ebay one looks equally impressive as that one and from my pics you can see for yourself its not bad at all. I had a good laugh at that Vintage Orange Toggle switch tip for $25 and the beveled pickgaurd as well for %150, thats robbery. ebay!
  4. Thanks Charlie Brown I don't know if I really include Lucille into the category of the traditional 355 as I was trying to replicate though. While it's base is of a 355 its really its own model and specific to BB King. Also it doesn't come in cherry red only black, it does have the binding bindings, inlays and varitone switch as you mentoned however. Those features would be costly to replicate and I'd have to find an amazing luthier. So yes essentially it is a Dot Deluxe with a Bigsby B7 but its the closest looking Epiphone I've seen to a 355. Yes jerrymac thanks I've looked into the Gibson Pickgaurd already I saw it on ebay for about $60, Ill get it in due time I suppose. I think I like the Epiphone one though. It would look really good but I kinda feel like the Gibson one is for the Gibson model and putting it on my epiphone would be like writing Gibson on the top of the guitar (..and shaving down the headstock to look more like a Gibson one) i'll save all those good things for when I get a real Gibson 355
  5. Hello all! This is my first post! Straight to business though- After a few months of collecting all the parts I brought my Epiphone Dot into the shop. I was trying to make what I think a Gibson ES355 would look like if Epiphone put it together. Let me know what you think here is the finished product.
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