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  1. For soiledflame: Just a question. Does SameDayMusic send you the guitar to Germany? In the past, they didn't sell Steinberger products to EU. I ask you because my only possibility to buy a new Steinberger was gibsonshop, but Steinberger products are no more present in their site. Bye, Maurizio.
  2. Hi, you are right, gibsonshop does not sell Steinberger anymore. I'm really disappointed by the way Gibson/Epiphone manages Steinberger products. Bye, Maurizio.
  3. Hi, you can go to: www.gibsonshop.com They sell Steinberger to all the world. Shipping costs for Australia are: 305 USD. Bye, Maurizio.
  4. Hi, you are right, I agree with you. I answered in Italian, because it seemed that no one was interested in this topic and just an Italian guy posted a reply. I hope that this forum will grow... I can make a summary of our posts for you: The problem is that Steinberger's/Gibson's support seems very bad. Maurizio 1 (also my name is Maurizio, so I will be Maurizio 2...) said that he his Synapse has a problem on the fingerboard and he should repair it by himself, because the support is not helping him at all. Now, I'd like to buy a new ZT-3, but at this point I have some doubts... Bye, Maurizio 2.
  5. Ciao, anch'io sono di Roma. Ho visto tardi la risposta perché questo forum è poco seguito e non mi collego tutti i giorni... Io mi volevo comprare una ZT-3, ma i dubbi che dici tu sul supporto. Una domanda: gibsonshop dice che se il prodotto inviato presenta difetti loro lo riparano/sostituiscono, perché a te non lo fanno? Saluti, Maurizio.
  6. Steiny


    Hi, you can order it on www.gibsonshop.com Bye, Maurizio.
  7. Hi all, thanks to Steinbergerworld forum, yesterday I knew that it's now possible to buy Synapse and ZT products in Europe. You can go to: http://shop.gibsonshop.com/index.lasso?stid=gibsonshop&from= select your country and search for "ZT-3", for example. Note that this products all under the logo "Epiphone", not Steinberger... Don't ask me why. Moreover, why official Steinberger site does not talk about this on-line store for Europe? It seems that Gibson does not want to sell these guitars, I really can't understand them. Last note: the prices are higher than in USA. For example, ZT-3's price in USA is about 1600 $ = 1032 euro, in Europe ZT-3's price is 1500 euro = 2325 $. Bye, Maurizio.
  8. Hi, I'm writing from Rome... Welcome to you... I play an old GR-4R and an all graphite GL. Bye, Maurizio.
  9. Hi all! This is my first message in this forum, I hope the first of many other. I'm an happy owner of 2 old Steinbergers: 1 GR-4R and 1 GL4S. Now I'd like to buy a new Synapse or ZT3, but On-Line stores do not sell Steinberger products outside of US. Why Gibson is does not distribute these products here in Europe? I can't understand this. Could you give me some suggestions? Regards, Maurizio.
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