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  1. Nah! I call them by their birth names also. (i.e. The Paul, The Rivi, The Tele, and so forth).
  2. If you are able to get to the store, then by all means Go!!!!! Touch it, feel it, see how it fits. Is it comfortable. Now for the hard part. Are you far along enough to tell the different aspects of a guitar. Can you distinguish from cheap elements, and more expensive elements. The Elitist is top of the line. But can you tell the difference? If you are not sure, take a more knowledgeable friend with you...
  3. Dude, I have no idea. I can only make out a few words here and there. Now I've heard of the site. But, as to whether they are legit or not. You got me. Have you tried to contact them? Call or email with questions. Some of their answers may give you clues as to whether you should deal with them or not. Just my 2 cents....
  4. Bought myself a new Squier Custom tele, with duncan designed P90's. It felt so solid in the store that I couldn't believe it was a Squier. Still can't play, but boy do I look good holding it. Pics forthcoming....
  5. The main difference or so I've been told, is the overall quality of materials used. From the wood to the electronics. Everything on the elitist is on par with Gibson. And the elitist is finished in America.
  6. Try Guitarfetish.com, or stewmac.com. Pretty reasonable priced parts and things. I've personally bought from stewmac, and the quality is pretty good.
  7. At least this guy lists contact info. address and phone #. He also has a pretty legit looking website.(this is not an endorsement). Not like mzonline who sells guitars and health and beauty products. Huh...
  8. No more Epiphone/Gibson vs Fender. Say what!!!!
  9. Where have you been, it's over and done. It's fake. But, if Renegade is happy, so am I. Some of you should really bone up on what a counterfeit Epi looks like. Or, maybe I should say what a real Epi looks like. Because that guitar wasn't even close. IMHO
  10. Generation Zero As promised, here's pics of my beater Squier with the two epi buckers and the trick wiring scheme. Yeah, that's silver spraypaint. On part of the body. Just for the heck of it. In other areas, I took a propane torch to it, sandpaper, a screwdriver to gouge out a few spots... I wanted it to be really ugly. +1. You succeeded more than you'll ever know.
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