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    Lefty Guitars, Steinbergers, 80's Music.

    Email: billdetucci@billdetucci.com
  1. Check my videos out on youtube.

  2. Left Handed Kramers out there for sale. Bill www.billdetucci.com
  3. Anyone out there that can point me in direction for Left Handed xz-2 Steinberger Full Body Bass? Bill www.billdetucci.com
  4. The Spirit Models are Great! I love them! Check out my Debut CD and Website: www.billdetucci.com I heard Musiciansfriend.com and Samash.com are carrying them. Note: Anyone with info. on Lefty Steinberger Models let me know, thanks! Bill
  5. Wish they made a Left Handed ZT3. Can't wait for Spring and Summer. www.billdetucci.com
  6. Hi, What is your first name? Also, I found out (tonight) this website, check this out: http://www.gaskellguitars.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=46%3Asagespecs&catid=35%3Aguitars&Itemid=61 Have you heard of these Guitars before??? Here is a review I read on www.harmony-central.com http://reviews.harmony-central.com/reviews/Guitar/product/Gaskell/Sage/25/1 Thanks for the email! I will look into Hohner...thanks a bunch! God Bless! Bill DeTucci
  7. Hey, Thanks a lot! I am a little aware of Hohner and their lines of Guitars and Basses. So, I really appreciate that, thanks! However, nothing beats a Steinberger! Love them! Where are Hohners made? Where do you buy these? I was also curious if the ZT3 will be made Left Handed? It is so sad how Left Guitarists are "left" out.... Stay in touch and yes, let us unite! Thanks for the reply! God Bless! Yours, Bill DeTucci www.billdetucci.com
  8. Hey Guys! I am one of the Biggest Steinberger fans...sadly, as you are aware these Guitars are so under-rated, what a shame! However, I am curious what happened to the Steinberger Spirit Guitars and Basses? And, will the new Guitar ZT-3 be made available to Lefty Guitarists? We need to band together in the small Steinberger World! I have a website: www.billdetucci.com God Bless! Yours, Bill DeTucci
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