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  1. I made a petition to bring back the M series, please sign it, pass it around, lets see what we can do! http://www.petitiononline.com/mreissue/petition.html
  2. Personally I want Steinberger (Gibson) to reissue the old GMs and maybe GLs with the TT2s. I know the guys in Cynic were working on getting this done, but I'm curious what do you guys think/ want? I've been thinking about starting an online petition.
  3. hey guys, been a while since I posted. I'm looking for my first Steinberger. I've been a fan of them for years but have yet to get a chance to own one. Basically I'm looking for an M style with a TT. Now it doesn't have to be an actual Steinberger, I have no problem with partscasters, as long as it has a graphite neck and a TT I'm happy. Funds are limited so thats the reason Im not to concerned with it being a 'real' 'berger or a partscaster, or MusicYo era or anything. As far as colors are concerned I like black, natural or some kind of transparent color: black and blue being my favorites, but I'm really up for anything. Although I don't really want a white guitar, (I've had a white guitar (my first) as my only guitar for years, and I want something different). Pickup combo is another thing I'm flexible with, HSS, HS, H, HSH, HH, doesn't matter to me. Like I said earlier I don't have too much money to spend (cue 'poor college student sob story' here ;)) but then again I'm not looking for a pristine GL from 83. I'm also willing to look at Music Yo era bolt on GLs with TT's of course. Just lemme know, thanks a lot guys!
  4. oh no, I hope you figure out whats wrong, andy.
  5. It makes me wonder if production of GL's and GM's was stopped so they could work on new versions with the TT3... I guess I can dream can't I?
  6. well thanks for the info. It's too bad even the MY's go for so much, considering that even new they barely went over 1800, I think the gm7t's where about 1700 if memory serves. But I guess I understand why they go for so much, I'll just have to keep on looking I guess.
  7. I know I posted this in the vintage steiny forum, but I was unsure where else to put it, I just want to get out there that I don't specifically want a vintage one, I'd love a music yo gm.
  8. I have about 1100 bucks to go towards a new guitar, and I want a GM with a trans trem more than anything. I don't care what model as long as it is a gm/m model with a transtrem, preferably black, or a dark trans color, please help me out!
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