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  1. it's sad how poorly steinberger is being managed.
  2. you may have to tighten the little hex nut on the trem, the one thats below the tuner between the g and b strings.
  3. new york music 7144 market st. boardman, oh 44512 330.758.4705
  4. i've never been a huge fan of the tone on the stock pickups, but i feel overall, the sound of the tz's are a bit warmer than the originals; probably owing to the new wood necks. and i will say that it is possible to get a pretty good range of tones, thanks to the pull pot things. (you can switch from humbucking to single coil modes.) it's not a metal guitar, and it's not a jazz hollowbody, but i think it can be used as a jack of all trades type of guitar, which is why i got mine. but ultimately, i have to say, go and try one for yourself.
  5. be-em; thanks for the link. i actually saw that soon after i posted and was able to get the transposing to about 95% in tune. it seems that 100% dead on accurate tuning is not really to be expected. but it is close. the only thing about the video is that it does not show how to calibrate the string length. it'll be 100% in tune when i transpose up to F#, and it'll be 98% in tune when i drop to D but it'll be a bit off when i bring it back to E. (93%?) everything will be slightly sharp, but in tune relative to itself. according to the video, i have to adjust some doohickys to make the stings shorter or longer, but it does not go into detail on how to do that. i haven't really looked to do that yet, because i was just happy to get it mostly working, and spent a good deal of time just playing it. it really is a super comfortable guitar to play, and i seem to be able to play better and cleaner on this guitar than on my other guitars. (esp ltd m-1000, steinberger gr-4) i don't know why, but tremolo picking is super easy on this guitar. (ymmv) * had a horrible accident that made me want to cry. i had leaned my guitar against my amp (as i've always done with my gr-4) and the guitar fell over, taking a big chunk out of the finish, down to the wood. i believe it was because of where the guitar jack is located. when setting it down the cord gets in the way of having it rest straight up and down. it causes it to lean towards the top of the guitar (towards the low E string.) for the rest of you, please be forewarned.
  6. so i went to go check out the new zt-3 at my local steinberger dealer. (had to drive almost 2 hrs to get there) plugged it in, and loved the way it felt. the neck is larger than my 1990's gr-4, but very comfortable; love the fretboard, and the metal lap thing really makes it much more comfortable to play, i thought it would useless, and i was wondering why you would need it on a non-broom shaped guitar, but it really puts the guitar in a much more natural playing position. i noticed that the QA doesn't seem to be too tight, as the plastic cover on the back did not fit correctly, and the finish was not as nice as one would expect on a $1,700 guitar. i tried using the trans-trem, and it seemed to work pretty well, though the g and b strings wouldn't be exactly in tune when i transposed to different keys. (close, but not exact) and even though i thought the quality could have been better for the money, i am such a die hard steinberger fan, that i had to have it. (as the gr-4 has been my main guitar since i started playing. ole reliable.) i passed on the synapses after seeing how poor the fit and finish was on the 3 guitars i got to try, and i didn't like the rolling capo. (although i do like it being a baritone.) so i pay for the guitar, and ask for them to fix the set-up so it would be in tune when i transposed. i was told it would take and hour and a half, maybe more. but i really didn't want to make another trip back out there, so i decided i would wait. three and a half hours later, and they're still not done, and i need to leave, so i say, i'll just take it and adjust it myself when i get home. two hours later i'm home. i take the guitar out of the bag, and strum an open e chord. (kerrang) out of tune. not just a little, but waaay out. odd, i think. oh well. tune it up to standard E, strum, ahh, better. try transposing half a step down. (blereng!) waaay out of tune. try a different key, even worse, and another... all bad. when i tried it in the store, (before adjustments) it was about 95% in good tune. now, 65%... what's going on? i read the manual on how to set up the trans trem, and start following the instructions. back and forth, back and forth tuning, tuning, tuning.... and i can't even get it back to how it was at the store. what gives?! something is not kosher here.
  7. hey soiled flame, i've been waiting with baited breath for the zt-3 myself. i finally got a call two days ago that they got the shipment and i picked it up yesterday.
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