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  1. Just rcvd feedback through Gibson (includes hard case for Adoxtater) : Hardcase : 33.5 inches long 10 inches wide 4 inches deep gigbag: 32 inches long 10 inches at widest end 4.5 inches at narrow end Previous info came from a resale agent. Hope it will help others. Take it easy, P
  2. Guys, found the gig bag size : 32 x 9 x 5, nothing further on hard case yet. Just in case somebody else looks for the answer. Take care,
  3. Thx to both (& no worries for the hijacking ;o), sorry for late feedback, just back from a long trip. Have also asked a few direct suppliers, will let you know if I get something solid Adox. Take it easy
  4. Hi ! I'm looking for a travel guitar (hence size matters..) & must say I have a good feel about the GT-Pro (love @ first sight). Can somebody please give me the exact dimensions of the gig bag ? Thx !
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