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  1. Did Beck ever actually use this? Thanks
  2. I seem to recall you saying quality control was quite sketchy on the synapse; does this mean it is simply the best of a bad bunch? Thanks
  3. So would you recommend one get a synapse or....? Thanks
  4. Thanks again for the info; under these conditions would you just get a Spirit and replace its electronics in the meantime or is it worth it to pick up a Synapse? Take care
  5. Thanks; is it significantly better than the Spirit at least or not even worth that much more? I am looking for a GLB Music-Yo (I would like a truss rod and trem ideally) but haven't been able to locate one and was thinking of getting one of these in the interim. Would you pick one over the other for those purposes or are they both just hopeless? What did you end up needing to do to yours? Thanks again
  6. Eagle...is the QC on the Synapse that bad? I thought I recalled you mentioning it as a decent option given the admittedly poor options for production headless these days Thanks!
  7. Thanks I had seen that; but what do you think of what he is saying about the old bridge/new bridge sound difference and how are both compared to an XS-trem these days? Thanks
  8. I would be interested in picking one up....does anyone have info on things to look out for and quality control as I have heard various conflicting reports... Thanks!
  9. This is the main reason I wont buy one. A non-trem (and 22 fret) Steinie makes little sense to me :) Ciao
  10. It was modded by Bill Delap with Allan's usual mods for radius (25") and pick ups etc so far as I know Cheers
  11. Sweetwater and the others are perpetually out of stock from what I have seen. I have checked out Guitar Send but the forum is dead there; the most active forum I've seen is Steinberger World Thanks
  12. Where did you see any information on more models on the way? There seems to be almost no talk about Steinbergers except here (and it is pretty dead here; no one from Steinberger seems to look in and there are very few posts in general) and the Steinberger World forum. Contrast that with a line like Suhr where John Suhr himself takes time to post info on new developments to the board and answer questions more generally. Steinberger seems like a "ghost brand" which could easily disappear from one year to the next (which worries me in as much as many parts are specific only to Steinberger and even to individual product lines within Steinberger) Is there any official information or a blog from someone at the company? Thanks
  13. Does anyone know where one can pass along requests for a GL to Steinberger? I find it unbelievable that the flagship Steinberger has been deleted. I wonder whose brilliant idea it was to replace it with a Synapse baritone option and a non-trem version... Thanks
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