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  1. The kill switch I've got working, I'm still having issues with the phase switch. I'm using EMG 81/85 in one so the color coding is white and red. I'm thinking the issue is that I need to have wire running to from the phase switch to the volume pot and then wire running from the volume pot to the selector switch.
  2. I find myself in need of some help, I'm trying to wire a kill switch as well as a phase switch in a couple of my guitars but to no avail. I have a theory as to why it isn't working but I wanna get some outside feedback first.
  3. Got an off the cuff question, who here has wired phase switches and kill switches in their guitars? I'm trying to do this my self but am not having very much success. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  4. I made the mistake of picking a woman over music, which has costed my my first LP. Now I'm not sure as to the location of my LP, I'm hoping it is still at the pawn shop (yeah right). Although if it is when I get back I will most definitely be getting it back. However if it is gone then I will be looking into acquiring a new Les Paul, which I will be able to get a Les Paul made to my specs.
  5. Yeah, unfortunately my first Les Paul has been laid to rest. I'm thinkin about lookin around and tryin to see if I can't locate it. Weigh in please.
  6. There's only one I really want: year) no big deal, make) Gibson, model) Les Paul Standard, tuners) Grover, finish) tri tone sunburst, hardware) Chrome EMGs 81/85, strings) elixir gore 10-60.
  7. Shortest lead will be your bridge.
  8. Yeah the emgs use 250k pots where as the stock pickups use 500k pots. Good thing is I can remove all four pots at once because the lp is wired via quik connects as opposed to soldering. Bad thing is I have to get a new toggle switch from Gibson before I drop in the emgs.
  9. Alright well I'm gonna save up the money for them, and then once I have enough they're so going in.
  10. I like the feedback I get from the emg's don't get me wrong I like the bite from the bb pups but I don't get enough bite from them.
  11. Hey what do you think about me dropping emg-x pups in my studio? I want to get chrome so that way it matches the stopbar and tail piece. Also I want to put Grover tuners which I know for sure will fit on account of I have measured the peg hole diameter in the headstock.
  12. Tell the seller of that piece of s*it to take the guitar and blow it out his ***, FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Ghs boomers 10-60 or their lo tuners 11-70, heavy stuff like pantera, BLS, and Hellyeah to name a few.
  14. Yeah now I've kinda weaned myself off of it and onto my washburn soloist I like my sound better with it despite the fact I don't have and multi band equilizer on it only down side. Oh well.
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