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  1. Signed :-) Although I can't imagine commercial "laws" getting into an expensive reissue experience. Most of the time, majors sign an artist to make sure he'll be kept away from the top of the company main artists catalog. Let's hope it's a different story here... Would be insane to find brand new M's on the market for sure !
  2. Thank you Bernd but as I will spend a reasonable amount of money, I don't want the GM4T to be... too "crapy". This one has 2 holes for GK3 MIDI device, back of the body is totally ruined... Not sure about the overall condition of the trem.. Way too expensive for the poor condition. No clear pic of the back of the neck... Nope :-) I'll be patient. Actually, I posted this mini thread just to inform the little community I'm open for a good deal for those (GM4T) who didn't show up yet. Thanks for your concern anyway !
  3. Hi, as ebay transactions are quite tough for european people (shipping + custom fees, people refusing to ship overseas etc..) I'm droping a message in the bottle : GM4T newburgh era WANTED. If you're about to sell one of these (white or black prefered), please contact me. Serious inquiery here :-) Thank you all Nicolas
  4. Well, I was going to this morning and I found out - after the water + detergeant cleaning - NONE of the saddles would roll anymore ! I have to lubricate them all but unfortunately don't have "degrip' oil" at home. I became nervous first but thought I would probably find a cool guy in my lifetime, able to fix them. They look pretty new actually, only the rollers are kind of "passed" and they don't roll anymore now :-) I'm certainly the worse guitar "unluthier" of the planet, so I'll let professionnals take care. But I must say I really like the cheaper brass saddles. Adds some clarity to the
  5. Ho my god ! In fact, I just followed string ball depth (on TT1) to be as close as shown on TT2 jaws. Means B and G string frankly deeper in the hole than other strings. It seems to change everything ! These instructions were for TT2 but I thought this transposing rule for each string tension should be the same on mine :-) I'm actually testing but tuning stability seems 100% ok. Let's say 99, wich is already a miracle when diving like a dumb. Only this detail was missing haha, guitar alchimy is a really awesome science. BTW it's written it remains less than 100 unmodified TT1 ? Woaw, I'll be
  6. Ok thanks, I'll get an allen wrench and look inside the whole block.
  7. Ok guys, I have to confess : my good ol' TT1 is going a bit out of tune. Especially the G string. I'm using both d'addario 11/42 and LaBella. Note this happend several weeks before I changed the saddles, they can't be charged for that. I noticed it since last rehearsals but thought it was "biohasard":-({|= . I tried to tightened the big tension spring, to lose it a whole step... Still the same. Note also it never happened for 20 years, so what can have cause this little imperfection ? Normal aging ? Should I look down under if something got lose ? Thanks Nicolas
  8. Okidoc, I'll try this ! Thank you
  9. A little - and quite rare - video of a 1985 white GL. Recorded during last week end gig nearby Paris with the Precious Time Project. Everything is not always musical, but the boss (great french jazz fusion harp player Sebastien Charlier - check him out) wanted me to play an "out of time/tune ala Darth Vader solo" Well, sounds terrible but Darth Vader must be proud http://www.zen-club.net/ Player is on the bottom of the page, you can enlarge image size to full screen. I'm playing the GL through a Peavey JSX head, 2x12 Mesa cab and GT10 foot controler/fx.
  10. Yep, that's what I did today. But still, one of them is totally blocked for an unknown reason. You say I can get the roller off the saddle ? Don't really see how
  11. thank you but one of them won't roll anymore it's kind of 100% blocked, that's why I purchased and installed the new ones. They sound a bit brighter than the older ones, and it's ok for me as I put Duncans pickups. I kept the old ones preciously for sure ! BTW : no one on earth would spend $6k to buy my GL :-) I'll give it for free ! (Once I'm cold dead) )
  12. FYI, saddles arrived from Korea very quickly and they fit perfectly in the TT1. I'm glad to be able to use the trem at full speed ) This Korean guy is really awesome. Expensive, but awesome. We're lucky to have the opportunity to find spare parts for these glorious relics :-)
  13. I looked at the AXE fx. It seems to sound really great. Is it the perfect machine we're all waiting for? Would be great even if I'm not convinced yet. It's getting closer and closer.
  14. Damned ! I'm actually wondering how to let go tube amps as it weights a ton and often sound oversaturated at high volume output. Maybe the pod xt is the solution ) I tried VG99, often use a GT10 but never found a real efficient tone and 90% satisfying tone. Small racks sounds great for recording but often sucks on stage or in DI to mixing console. I would buy any equipment wich could fit studio and stage needs, while beeing smaller than a laptop. Some great tones in guitar rig or amplitube also, I use them a lot at home but never dared using them on stage. Guitar tone chasing is exhausting
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