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  1. Thanks for your kind words on my mad scientist project.I bought a ZT3 about 6 months ago I have'nt decided if I'll try it again but I got a great deal on the GK3 some weeks ago out of the U.K. on Ebay.Nope that is not particleboard it's just old Dave's gnaw marks from the fein, it probably is rock maple it was pretty hard but I did'nt taste it or anything. Hah! Good luck on your project just take it nice and slow. Dave.
  2. You don't have to use double ball strings.I've gotten best results with David Gilmour GHS boomers 10.5-50. good luck.
  3. Ahoy mates, Finally I’m able to get back to the Steinberger nation from below deck on the S.S. synapse. There are pictures available thanks to my computer god nephew Al. I’m very bad with computers and typing. I’m learning. Perhaps check out the pictures first. It is possible, but very mad scientist and midi- evil. After much thought, and not many choices I went with the battery compartment to hold the new controls. The initial hole I drilled was for the pickup wire, unfortunately the hole has to be wider than the pickup but the connecter is a little large. The fun part was creating the tunnel between that hole and the battery space. Then drilling and cutting out the holes for the volume and selector switch. I was afraid of the wear and tear on the 13 pin Roland input so as you can see I replaced the ¼” input with the input in the kit. To do that you have to cut a slot in the guitar deep enough and tight so it will hold the plastic piece the output is mounted to. As I mentioned in my earlier message I’m a carpenter so I’ve got the tools to make my mad scientist experiments go a little less mad. I used a Fein cutting tool for the slot and other areas making slots for the wiring to run. The tool is one of those vibrating tools that everyone and their mother has out now, but Fein is the best I’ve found. As you can see putting in the little computer board in the main compartment is kind of like sitting on a suitcase and zipping it shut. If you do this maneuver the way I did you will need to put in a kill switch for the battery. I actually had that done by a guitar tech who thought I was crazy (more about that later)so of course he put in that giant toggle that doesn’t match anything. Also I’d like to say right here THANKYOU to Gibson for sending the matching knob along to my local store at no charge I was very impressed. I took the guitar to 2 of the best guitar techs in my area because one day the guitar fell silent. They checked out everything and the guy who thought I was completely out of my mind for trying any of this diagnosed that the preamp had died. He laughed when I brought up warranty because he worked for Gibson for a long time and he said not a chance. He said after many years of owning and dealing with EMG pickups he’d never heard of a preamp going out. EMG was also anxious to see what the problem was 80.00 later plus the install and the kill switch I was back making music. I myself do not see any way the pickup could have caused the preamp to blow but maybe some of you seasoned Steinheads have a theory. All I know is for me it was all very well worth it. I feel bad when I see the video of Mr. Steiberger say the synapse does’nt really sound like an acoustic guitar. When I put it through those 13 pins into the GR-20 then into the Native Instruments guitar rig 4 on some of the presets I stay up all night grinding out (instead of learning how to type) I get an amazing acoustic guitar sound that can burn your house down. I wish he could hear it! Thanks for going out on the technological limb Mr. S. If anyone out there is planning on taking the midi- evil trip I took and has questions, perhaps I can be helpful but remember this was my first voyage. Playon. Windship5x5
  4. I entered the forum back in March explaining how I intended to install the Roland GK3 pickup in my 3month old Synapse. It was pretty scary sailing because it was my 1st guitar surgery so I put it off for awhile because I enjoy playing that guitar so much I did't want it to end up in intensive care at some guitar techs house with him wondering what the hell I was doing. It took about 12 hrs. working slowly I was able to put my carpentry skills to the ultimate test.If anyone would like details or pointers in the future please let me know.Every thing actually did fit in that tiny body except for the led light and the patch up and down buttons.Closing it all in was like sitting on a suitcase, but it turned out perfect. What would really finish the job off is amatching volume knob for the synth volume.My local dealer is going to try but I pretty much had to show him how the guitar works.He's very busy selling those inferior brand guitars and can't be counted on.If anyone can give me a source or sell me a matching knob it would really finish the job off right and then I could include a picture of my finished project. Thanks Windship 5x5.
  5. Thats what I'm getting is the kit.Thanks for the info I've already got the specs on the unit.I'ts just after being a carpenter for a long time I know sometimes its best to hear from someone who's done it already. Possible control locations etc. since the guitar shape is unique as you said. thanks
  6. I purchased a new ST2FPA this summer and I could'nt be happier GREAT guitar. Every sound and key possiblity.In my quest for new sounds I'm going with the Roland GK3.I'm very good with my hands so I,m going with a self install.If anyone out there has been down this road before I'd like to hear your input before I start. Thanks alot.
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