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  1. I'll take 'em. Tell me how to get a hold of you, and I'll PayPal you the $20. Thanks.
  2. Check www.StewMac.com. I think they have the exact knob. Search for "Steinberger". Good luck.
  3. I have owned two Spirit GT Pros in the past, one black and one white. I have also owned a USA Steinberger GR (just sold it). After trying several other "travel" guitars, and finding myself in need of an electric guitar that I could carry on an airplane next month, I just bought another GT Pro (black) today on eBay. Price was right ($199), because a couple of parts were missing. I would disagree that parts are hard to find. I found both parts needed on eBay (saddle = $14.99, trem arm = $12.99), and pulled the trigger on them both and the fixer-upper GT Pro. Can't wait for it to arrive. I will not sell it this time!! I may buy and sell others, but I will always keep at least one around, no matter what! I've learned my lesson I also have found them to be very easy to set up. I have switched string gauges (between .09 and .10), re-set intonation and trem spring tension for the different gauges, and if instructions are followed, it is not a problem. And as another poster states, once set up properly, it is good to go forever. Fortunately, I kept my old Ritter gig bag, which is the best travel beg ever made for the GT Pro or L series. I have a Gittler also, and that's why I kept the Ritter bag. Not made anymore, the Ritter bag is worth searching for. Don't be scared off, I'd recommend the Spirit GT Pro guitars.
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