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  1. Sal, Great job! My favorite Lucinda song as well. This would be great to play around with slide on too!
  2. Craig, Since you are so close to Sweetwater, I'd highly recommend checking them out. I briefly perused the link below and I see 8 SJ-200's along with some rosewood ones and SJ-100's as well. Not sure how much of a deal you can swing but I doubt you'll be able to do an A/B comparison with so many choices. Best of luck! https://www.sweetwater.com/store/search.php?s=gibson+j-200
  3. Based on the link, I'd say it is Brazilian RW. From my foggy recollection of these from 15 years ago, the wood tended to have that wavy sort of grain. I'd see if you can get an approval period to check it out as I'm sure it's a big number and the market is slow. I'd also suggest looking at as many Brazilian AJ's pics as possible to get a sense of comparables. I'm surprised Gibson Montana could not give you the specifics though?
  4. BK, Excellent playing and great sound from your Lowden! I'm new to the Lowden experience myself but have an O-25 and an O-35 and they are so different, in a really good way. They make me put the pick down and work the old fingers instead.
  5. Bozz, I have an '07 AJ Luthiers Choice in Amazon RW/Adi. Definitely a thicker neck but still a comfortable profile. Mine came with a COA so maybe this one does as well?
  6. BK, Sorry for the confusion. Your Lowden sounded great! I would have guessed it was a smaller guitar as it is so responsive.
  7. BK, Sounds great! Would not have guessed it was a big 'ol Lowden at all!
  8. EA, Congrats on the dove and all the mapley goodness!
  9. I have two Breedloves, both Master Class. They are both Concert sized; a Pacific (Maple/Sitka) from '04 and a King Koa (Koa/Cedar) from '10. Zero concerns about the bridges. The build quality and wood selection are both outstanding. The numerous model changes over the years adversely affects these guitars on the market as it's so hard to keep straight. I think they may be the best buys amongst used acoustics, in large part due to the difficulty in sorting things out and the polarizing feature like the Klingon bridge and JLD truss system. I really like them but I may be an Oregon homer
  10. Doug, Beautiful Martin, congrats! I have a SJ-200 (Standard) and a 000-12 Martin as well, so I admire your taste!
  11. Quake


    Very nice and congrats on the new 'bird!
  12. BK, Very nice sound to your Lowden and singing!
  13. EA, Sorry to hear about the feedback from the bar manager! I'd second the trying a different PA or some tweaks rather than ditching your 'Bird. As far as the maple 'Bird, I've not compared it with the mahogany standard, though I have an SJTV (not apples to oranges). I really like the note separation. An interesting tidbit is I play with a friend who is primarily a singer and I like the sound of it more when he is playing the 'Bird than from behind the drivers seat, so to speak. I've not played live with it though yet. If we were only on the same continent, maybe you could borrow it?
  14. Actually February of 2015. Orange label, just says Hummingbird. :unsure:
  15. My 'Bird is maple with Cherry Sunburst. I've had it for not quite two years.
  16. My first slope shoulder was my Collings CJ, which I've had 10 years now. I added a Collings SJ four years ago as well. I started down the Gibson acoustic journey in '08, so I'm well acquainted with rounded shoulder models now. I like them both for the different sounds they provide.
  17. I have two Masterclass Breedlove's: a Pacific (maple/Sitka) and a King Koa (koa/cedar). Both are concert sized and are more finger style than hard strummers, though they both handle moderate strumming well. Very different thing going on than the Gibby's, which is very good to have. I'm in Oregon so it's nice to support local builders as well.
  18. I've had my Hummingbird for just about a year now. The clarity is really unique in a square shouldered dred. Mine is maple so that might account for some of it?
  19. A bunch of electrics have come and gone; a nice ES-335 dot is the holdover. I have all my acoustics still though: J-35 J-45 Koa/Adi SJTV AJ Amazon/Adi Jackson Browne Hummingbird Quilted Maple SJ-200 Std
  20. Quake

    Dove NGD

    Beautiful! Congrats!
  21. Quake


    Dan, Surprisingly nice low end growl! I've not played a maple dred before but I really like it. I see why so many people say how it fits right in with vocals too.
  22. Quake


    First, I'd like to thank all of you enablers for schoolin' me on how my life was sadly lacking without a Hummingbird. Secondly, how it would be even better with one in quilted maple and a cherry sunburst like an LP. Who knew how right you all were?
  23. Yeah, this will happen . I tend to be fond of mahogany but have a real soft spot for koa too. Horses for Courses seems relevant this week.
  24. Quake


    Thanks, everyone! I really am liking this. I have a SJ TV for comparison and they are different, in a good way. I think the koa may be more "snappy" for flatpicking but I think it's finding it's voice when strumming as I'm playing it more, which is the SJ's strength.
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