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  1. Thanks for the posting-As I have made clear in my previous posts Joe Pass is a God whose fingers fly-larry
  2. Morning, I just retired and trying to learn those Jazz books I bought 40 years ago-even teach other old guys-call it "fart to fart"-anyways I recommend the other DVD's in the Hot Lick series-Joe Pass has two and Tal Farrow has one-Joe makes the impossible look like maybe if I practice alot-Tal makes the impossible look impossible but great music-Larry
  3. JOHN FAHEY-His guitar playing has been a vast influence on anyone who played American Primitive guitar as he called it-Since the early sixties his blend of everything wrapped around the greatest thumb in guitar can be heard in the fingers of all those trying to make the instrument sing-Larry
  4. You, my friend, have some great guitar to discover-Joe Pass is a God-Listen to his "Yesterday"{the beatles} on Virtuoso #4-t'will blow you away-then check out his videos on Arlen Roth's Hot Licks-I downloaded mine from my local library-and then spend $60 like I did last week on cds to listen to the Master-Larry Yquote name='Rocky4' timestamp='1282907374' post='725406'] II think the guitar player should be one we're all familiar with. Outside of Rheinhardt, I've heard little of the other two. I actually thought Joe Pass was a bassist.
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    My pleasure-larry
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    thanks and it is all true-larry
  7. I recommend the music of John Fahey. He spend his life playing "american acoustic guitar styles"-Ljt
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    This is my first post ever but when I stumbled across you RGD fans I joined to share this story with you: Back in 1966 or67 I was living in Seattle, Washington-had bought my Martin D-28 on time (first credit purchase) ($440 I think)-taking my first lessons-(Cocaine blues)-RGD was coming to town for a concert and was giving lessons-Took a girlfriend over to learn from the man-was blown away by his playing-wanted to break by my fingers-at the end of the lessons RGD asks if we want to buy a guitar and pulls out a martin 0018 and offers it to us for $175-I (in debt for my martin) declined but girl I was with bought it-talked about letting one get away-not only the guitar but "I bought this from RGD creed"-o well-hope you like the story-Larry
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