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  1. Saw him in San Antonio in a small local venue. I was literally 2 feet away from him and as a result my jaw was 2 feet below me. Just an amazing player. Absolutely amazing. His jazz stuff is soooooo technical it blew me away. As everyone else said, watch and learn. You'll probably do more watching and forget about the learning part!
  2. You want the Full-Size Rotomatics! Cheers!
  3. As everyone else has stated: Normal. Hell, my 2011 ES-335 has them.
  4. This is awesome! Eric Johnson has like 4 of these thrown on his board! I was wondering what it was! Where can I get one of these? And how exactly would I wire it? Say, I want to use an Octave effect and a Phaser effect at the same time without having to do a little dance. How would I go about connecting what to what?
  5. +1 The 3 hole trussrod cover and the pickguard are dead giveaways. Those really big F-holes also give it away.
  6. Fine! Since you asked.. Ain't she gorgeous?
  7. Sooooo.. Yeah; I caved. I slapped a Bigsby on it this past Friday. I gotta say it looks FRIGGIN' sweet!
  8. You need an A/B switch. No danger in running two amps at the same time. Hell, Eric Johnson uses three amps and Dan Auerbach from the Black Keys uses two (maybe three now). I never needed one so I couldn't tell you which ones are best. Some of the more knowledgable forum members will chime in.
  9. Oooohhhh man.. That Strat is a beauty! I'm saving up money for a bound neck for my Strat. Gold hardware and a pearloid pickguard follow as well..
  10. I'm a bartender. Making 500 bucks a weekend is pretty common. This steady flow of income was just a recent thing too. Before, I was bartending for some upscale sushi restaurant but no one wanted to grab a drink! I got wise and finally found a job at one of the hottest night spots in town! GAS is a terrible thing! I don't know what to spend my cash on! I'm thinking another amplifier..
  11. I use Virtuoso Guitar Polish This stuff is wicked awesome. Gives it a really deep shine and gloss. A tad bit on the expensive side of polish/cleaners but the results make that extra couple bucks worth it. Have no clue what to use on a fretboard, still looking for different products..
  12. I really don't mind the studs where the stop-bar was because I would have gotten a "Custom Made" plaque made for it anyway. I think I'll wait on it a bit and see how I feel. It's not too convenient for me to only use my Strat when I want tremolo/vibrato as I like both the single coiled sound and the humbucker sound. More than likely..it's getting a Bigsby slapped on. Just not right now. Thanks for the insight guys! She sounds better than she looks!
  13. Hey fellas, Been a Gibson fan for awhile already and I was a regular on the Epiphone forums. I just got my first Gibson and it's a BEAUTIFUL ES-335. Great finish, plays great, and those of you who own semi-hollowbodied guitars now what I mean when I say that it's "lively" unplugged. I'm contemplating on putting a Bigsby on it. I want to put it on for aesthetic and functional reasons. I have a Strat and I use the tremolo frequently. I guess what concerns me is drilling in holes in a VERY nice guitar. I've put a Bigsby on my Casino before so I know what the process entails.. Can
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