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  1. I think you may be missing something with Brad, as IMHO he is an outstanding player, singer, songwriter and vocalist who does move the boundaries but also has the capability to be true to his roots acoustically. I don't think Bob is particularly adventurous on a Thursday evening but at least its something for us. Seen him twice live in UK and both shows were absolutely astounding. But we don't all like the same things do we? my Gibson Paisley is played more than my J200, J16OE or Robert Johnson and I'm predominately a bass player !!!! so nut size not an issue, so if you find one of the 300 made it is definitely worth checking out.
  2. Owning 2 60's EB3's they are much lighter than a precision or jazz. Let me know if you are still looking for one as the originals are much better than the SG bass IMHO John
  3. Just acquired one in UK and am very impressed. Good finish, very light and surprisingly resonant for a small body. Looks vintage and I can recommend, much nicer tone than the Blues King IMO I don't think you would wast the drive to see one !
  4. And it does look and play great as well. It's a keeper ! There is some great knowledge out there! Amazing that this should turn up in a major UK guitar chain, never seen any other Stingers over here.
  5. IThanks for the responses. bought mine in November 2011 from a reputable store in UK as a new guitar, the serial number is 8 1691, could this have been left over from the original Stinger issued commissioned Dave Carpenter? Beautiful looking and playing guitar which the receipt calls Western Desert Fade Lightly Figured, could this be another limited edition RI? Thanks in advance
  6. I have a stunning 58 VOS with a stinger at rear of headstock. See they were issued in 2003, anyone know how many were made in the recent run?
  7. Am seriously considering a purchase but does it have more tonal mojo than a regular 59 VOS?
  8. Don't panic, mine is the same and Gibson also verified it for me so it must have been more frequent early in the production of these fine guitars. mine was bought in UK as well john
  9. Hi I use 2 old Marshall Super Bass 100 heads with 2 Marshal JCM 800 Bass cabs and the sound is awesome with either my old EB3 my 70's Jazz Highly recommended!
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