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  1. The sound of the guitar is just this BOOMING bass... like, it sounds really bad. I don't know if this is normal, but the bridge pickup sounds fine... but it's a lot softer than the neck. The bridge pickup sounds to have the same output as the neck AND bridge on my Strat... but the neck on the Casino is just EXTREMELY loud and booming. Having both pickups selected sounds almost the same as having just the neck selected. Honestly, it's just a lot of stress on me and I just bought this guitar a week ago from Guitar Center, and I'm tempted on taking it back. It has a warranty. Another problem with the guitar was the tone knob was completely broken - it's dis attached from the guitar. This isn't affecting the sound, because if you twist it long enough it will work, but it's still defective, and the guitar should be new. So should I just take it back to Guitar Center? What will they do?
  2. ANother thing, I tried lowering the poles on the neck pickup, and I'm just wondering if it's possible to lower them TOO much, like if it will break the pickup if you keep tightening them? I tightened mine pretty low, like about half a centimeter below the cover. Apparently this is a major problem with the casinos, and most people either shim the bridge pickup up, or just replace the neck pickup with an underwound p90. Idk what I should do. I'd prefer to just adjust the pole pieces of that would work, if not I might try to shim the bridge.
  3. are the posts the pole pieces? I've tried lowering them a LOT on the neck pickup... like screwed them far into the cover... is that bad? How far do they go? Should I try raising the pole pieces on the bridge now up closer to the string? Does adjusting these pieces do enough to the balance, or should I try to shim the bridge up?
  4. I bought an Epiphone Casino last week. Didn't play it too much through an amp until a few days ago... and it sounds horrible. It's the neck pickup, there is WAY too much output. Now, since they are dogear pickups they just lay on the guitar and there isn't a way to lower them... So, what should I do? Replace the pickups? Should I JUST replace the neck pickup? Is it possible to lower the pole pieces enough to stop this problem? I tried turning the volume knob down on the neck, but when I do that and use both pickups, turning the volume down a little bit to the point where it's not all loud and bassy just makes it sound like the bridge pickup. I need help.
  5. I don't know what to do I am so frustrated I want to just quit guitar I wasted 50 dollars on a set up that didn't even do anything. I tried to fix it myself but I can't.
  6. I took my Les Paul Special 2 in to be set up. The set up costed 50 bucks. When I got it back it still had all the same problems it did when I first got it. For one the aciton is messed up. It's REALLY low at the bottom and REALLY high when you go up the fretboard. If I lower the bridge the strings will make contact with the first 3 frets. Even when the action is the way it is after the set up, I get HORRIBLE fret buzz. if I push down the 12th fret, the string is in contact with EVERY fret. Another problem is the intonation is completely off. When I try to fix it the guitar will never stay in tune. Should I go back to the music store and ask them to re-set it up free of charge since I spent 50 bucks 2 days ago and they didn't solve my problem? Or is the Special 2 just a bad guitar? It wont' stay in tune for more than 5 minutes.
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