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  1. Having got through Christmas it was time for some retail new year therapy. Got myself a Fulltone OCD, an MXR 102 Dynacomp and a TC Electronic Alter Ego Delay. Loving all 3, the Fulltone OCD is a great pedal for creamy distortion, the Dynacomp add clarity to the notes and the Alter Ego has some great flexibility for different delays. Just got to learn to play better this year! Happy New Year to all on the Forums
  2. Saw Chic play Glastonbury this year, it was a great show with hit after hit including Lets Dance by David Bowie. Great that Nile seems to be in remission from his cancer right now and long may that continue. There are few music pioneers that come along and we should cherish those like Nile who have shaped musical history. All power to him.
  3. Try Chandler Guitars near Kew Gardens, London. They have a Plek machine the same as Gibson use. Details below: Chandler Guitars 300-302 Sandycombe Rd, Kew, Richmond, Surrey. TW9 3NG Tel: 020 8940 5874 Workshop: 020 8332 6255 Fax: 020 8948 8203 Email: sales@chandlerguitars.co.uk
  4. I was lucky enough to see Little Feat with Lowell George in London in'75. It was the combination of his voice and the music that made it. A great Slide player and singer. Waiting for Columbus is still one of the great Live albums, Dixie Chicken, All that you dream, Rocket in my Pocket etc., etc., classic!
  5. chrisnorthw


    Can't beat a HCSB finish. Enjoy!
  6. I saw a documentary with David Gilmour and he brought out the very same guitar he used for that solo, one of many vintage guitars he owns. It would be good to have the ability to play like him on any guitar!
  7. The shape of the Cutaway looks more like and ESP or LTD to me so not much like a Gibson at all really.
  8. Interesting, I wonder how many guitars they turned out per week compared with now. It would be nice to travel back in time and collect one of those Strats and put it away for a rainy day fund!
  9. Here is Mike Rutherford playing his Shergold in this configuration with a 12 string on top.Having seen every Genesis tour from 1977 onwards (that's just aged me!) I've seen this played many times.
  10. Mike Rutherford of Genesis played the Shergold guitar that had detachable parts, he used it through the early 80's and had either a 6 or 12 string on top then a bass on the bottom.
  11. It would be a nice to have for sure, not sure I'd want to pay $400 dollars extra for it though!
  12. I loved the 3 pickup Black Custom with the Bigsby, that was sweet looking guitar. If I ever get to own a Custom it has to be a Black Beauty for me no other Custom comes close!
  13. Just watched "Celebration Day" the film of Zeps 2007 one off show in London. You remember that was the one that had 20 Million applications for tickets. Is there anybody who looks cooler with a Les Paul than Jimmy Page? Actually I counted 5 different Les Pauls in the show. Good to see the master at work!
  14. Congratulations on both counts. If I ever have any money again a Cherry Red 335 is right up there on my list of "must haves". Enjoy her (and the wife!)
  15. I saw an interview with Steve Howe where he was talking about using Line 6 products. He's used a Variax 700 modelling guitar for a few years now and was talking about using the HD500 floor board, basically he said he'd given it to his guitar tech to program all his pedal sounds into and that is what he is using now. Whatever he uses he's a phenominal player with a totally unique style!
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