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  1. Could explain what you meant by 'tubby'?
  2. Thanks a lot guys. This is kinda where the idea came from....http://www.bareknucklepickups.co.uk/main/pickups.php?cat=p90s&sub=humbucker_sized_p90s&pickup=manhattan..... These guys make a p-90 but in a humbucker size. The jazz sound clip was quite tasty...It's a tough decision.
  3. I've been on a couple websites lately and have been checking out the sound of P-90 pickups. I've noticed that they seem to really boost the mids and have a 'sweet' tone to them. I was wondering about replacing my neck humbucker with a P-90(the ones that fit humbucker size). Does anyone have any experience or ideas about the benefits, or drawbacks of this idea? It's hard to find enough sound clips to really give me a clear idea on what the change would be through my instrument. My initial thought was that they would give me clearer bass, and 'tighter' mids. So if anyone has some clear ideas of what the change of tone would be I would really appreciate it.
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    Thx alot everyone
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    I have a couple questions about humidity control products. Meaning those little clay things you stick in water for five minutes, or the hoses you soak and put inside the f-hole(bad sentence). The humidity is dropping around here(winter's comin) and I have been using a couple of these little devices and my humidity guage doesn't seem to be going up. IT's down to 37% and i think it would be better at between 45 to 55. Does anyone have any experience controlling the humidity in their guitar cases? THx for you time.
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    Hello. Perhaps this is a old topic and someone could direct me to the thread. But I've been really enjoying my new Es-175, but I'm running into the, what seems to be, common feedback probem. There are a few spots on the guitar that just set that 'vibration' off, and of course when I'm playing in louder situations as well. Anyone have any experience with a remedy? Has anyone used those string dampener you see on top of Jim Hall's, and George Van Eps's guitar? Stuffed with cotton or covered the F holes? Thx for your time. :)
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    Thx man. One last thing.....Heavy strings are conducive to getting that action real low? And when turning the trussrod, one perhaps cranks a quarter of a turn? Something subtle like that?
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    Archtop guitars, Strings guage, and action height. I"m new to my Es 175 and feel lost in the world of strings. At the moment I have 12's and I feel as if my action is too high. Endless debate I know and perhaps an old thread someone could point me towards would help. Honestly Uber low action seems to be calling me right now as I would like a bit more speed in my lines. Anyone have any other ideas? SOme say the whole low action heavy string is not the best, and that wiht the height of the action and a lighter string you actionally get more resonance and tone. AHHhhhhhh!!! I just wanna play. Are light strings a mistake? I do love a fat sound for my high notes.
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