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    SG loses color

    Thank you very much for the answers! I will try a plastic film made of PET which is transparent and much thinner and cheaper than the scratch pad.
  2. lindic

    SG loses color

    Hi, I asked this question already in the german forum, but still no answers. I own a SG Faded Worn Cherry since one year and the back of the guitar loses color. That means, my jeans is always red after playing one or two hours. Does anyone know, how to avoid this? Oil, wax or something like that? Regards, Stephan
  3. Hallo, ich habe seit fast einem Jahr eine SG Faded Worn Cherry und seit einiger Zeit färbt die Gitarre ab. D.h. meine Jeans ist nach dem Spielen ziemich rot. Kennst jemand das Problem und vielleicht auch eine Lösung? Ölen, wachsen ... ? Grüße, Stephan
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