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  1. I wouldn't say she was thin. Not fat, but certainly an "adult" shape to her. Until I watched the vids recently, I had forgotten how pleasant her SPEAKING voice was!
  2. I've often wondered whether Les Paul's dislike for the Les Paul/SG had anything to do with his broken elbow "set in guitar playing position"? Perhaps the thinner body didn't suit him, has anyone ever seen him play a "thin bodied" anything?
  3. As far as I know, Les Paul never liked the "New Les Paul" and would not lend his name to it!! I HAVE however seen pictures of Mary Ford playing one, which is why I suggested it.
  4. I've been watching a lot of Les Paul and Mary Ford videos on You Tube lately, and I'm reminded of what a GREAT guitarist Mary Ford was in her own right! I really think Gibson should honor her memory with a "Mary Ford Model" guitar. An SG style guitar in white with a gold pearl finish, gold plated metal parts, and a "long tailed" Maestro Vibrola would suit her style. The pickups should be covered Humbuckers, with a fairly hot Bridge pickup, but the Neck pickup wound so "cool" that it almost sounds like a single-coil! I would enjoy seeing other people's opinions on this subject.
  5. I would like to hear from others who participated in the Epiphone Guitar Marathons! Can you play Heartbreak Hotel without grinning!
  6. At one time Electro Harmonix made a pedal called the "Bass Balls" which gave a fuzz sound WITHOUT killing all the bass frequencies! My wife Suzie had one, but I have no idea whether they're still being made.
  7. It is from the very first series of guitars & basses imported as Epiphones. I was told at that time by a Gibson salesman that the original plan was to import from Germany, but when that became impossible (due to a change in the Deutschmark-vs-Dollar) they had to quickly switch to Japan! There was no time to produce completely new models, so all they could do was put Epiphone headstocks and names on existing Japanese designs! This is only hearsay, but at least it might explain why they don't look at all like any other Epiphones before or since.
  8. Now that we have re-issues of the '60s Wilshires, can the '60s Newport be far behind? The "Bat-Wing" Epiphones of the mid 1960s are (imho) the prettiest guitars & basses EVER, and the prettiest bass of the bunch was the Newport! Plus that old "Sidewinder" pickup was WAY DEEP! Come on Epiphone, make a loyal customer since 1964 happy!
  9. Just found this place today... it may replace Facebook in my life! LOL

  10. The 310 is MORE THAN good enough to start on! However you should get at least a minimal set-up by someone who REALLY knows what he/she is doing! For an inexpensive practice amp with GREAT TONE, try a VOX Pathfinder 15R ... about $120.00 at the big stores.
  11. I have seen (and drooled over) the re-issue Wilshires but sadly have not had the opportunity to play one yet! I owned a Crestwood Custom from late 1964 through about 2008 and loved it dearly. It was the easiest playing guitar EVER, and stayed in tune no matter WHAT I did! Money woes forced me to sell it, and I've been sorry ever since! About half way through that time frame, I added a third small humbucker with an on/off switch so I could add the sound of the middle pickup to whatever was selected on the three-way. I liked that so well that it has become my "standard wiring" on all my su
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