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  1. I love mine. RW back and sides. Love the short scale. It is by no means a cannon, but it does have a sweet tone with Elixer nano custom light strings. Very easy and fun to play.I love how it feels in my hands. No complaints, just depends on what you're looking for. That's why Gibson makes a variety of guitars. Nevermind that Kevin Costner and Mylie Cyrus play them! <_< Slash has been known to play them as well!
  2. You have a grand ol lady there! My biggest fear would be a neck reset. Guitars that old usually require one. Otherwise, as noted, do as little as possible to preserve the mojo!
  3. Looks real to me. It was made in Bozeman on July 23rd, 2008. It was the first guitar made that day. You can always double check the serial number with Gibson.
  4. My CJ-165EC. Yeah, it has the cutaway, but, I love it anyway! Kinda feels like hugging a firm, petite lady!!
  5. Wow! Didn't know this. I think Gary was by and large underrated, but, damn, he was awesome!
  6. Give me the dimensions. I may have an original Gibson case for a small body acoustic that might work.
  7. I have played both and now own a CJ-165 Rosewood. With the right strings, the CJ sounds very 'musical' (if that makes sense) and is such a joy to play! Effortless! The Blues King is a bit edgier, although, make no mistake, neither one is in any way a cannon. Don't forget about the LC1-Cascade. It falls somewhere in the middle of the two. It is out of production, but available used, usually at a pretty good price. Check the 'Used' section of GC's website.
  8. Try this website: http://www.terrapinisland.com/
  9. I bought a Gibson acoustic case on eBay that the seller said would fit my LC-1 Cascade. Well. when it arrived, I quickly discovered that it was too small for the Cascade. Now that I have no use for it, I'd like to know what Gibson guitar it does fit so that I can try to sell it. The inside measurements are 30" long and 15" wide at the lower bout. Anyone have an idea what guitar this case is made for? Thanks!
  10. The most amazing thing about The Beatles, to me, is the incredible amount of quality music they put out in just eight years! Most bands today take eight years between album releases.
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