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  1. I got the link from another topic from different forums.
  2. http://easydownload193.blogspot.com/2010/09/cool-neon-glow-dark-strings.html
  3. The studio deluxe looks pretty, but i can't afford one brand new and i like the gibson kluson tuners better then the grovers for the looks. Thats why i went for the satin studio for the price and this guitar has all the features i want.
  4. Yeah my guitar fell yesterday. Jack plate has white marks on it now, any unluckier then it would need to be replace. The G tuner keys got loosen also, but i think i fix that.
  5. Nvm about that question. Will the schaller strap lock screw fit on my les paul studio?
  6. Would my les paul studio still fit in the ohsc if strap locks were installed on the guitar?? Sry for the noob question.
  7. Lol i thougt u want to go on a date with ur guitar.
  8. yeah, its the one hanging on the wall.
  9. I see what you mean. But gosh... I only had this for about a week. Didn't even notice it until today. Well ii suggest it must had had it when i bought it at guitar center.
  10. I just bought one last week. Very nice guitar, but i'm worry about the body.. Does it get easly chip?? Cuz i already got one but its a very small one tho. O could probally use a black marker to cover it =p
  11. just bought my gibson les paul studio today in satin ebony finishes. They included the hardcase with it since this guitar was the only one they had in stock and it was display on the wall hanger. soo happy.
  12. na, i'm talking about the satin ebony finishes.
  13. But basically they are asking you to pay more because of economical issues?
  14. O man this sucks. Maybe i should just get a regular used studio on ebay. But i want thw pickups that the satin ebony has.
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