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  1. Okay,another try here.
  2. Well I tried to post a pic by putting it up on my Facebook page and then copying the url for the pic itself but apparently it is not accepted. Is there an easy way to post a pic on here?
  3. Give me a day or two and I'll get the pics up. By the way, I really like this forum. Especially the pics.
  4. Well finally got my epi sg jr up and running. A friend helped me solve the bridge problem by grinding the flange off the bolt. Now the bad-*** style brige works great! Question: Why do they put these thick flanges on the bolt and the uhh, forgot the name of it, you know the part the bolt goes into. Anyways, bought some Kluson locking tuners with the plastic knobs. Also already put in Pearly Gates pickup. I put a Varitone switch on it by Big D guitars, but not sold on keeping it. I had one before on a tele partscaster and it sounded great, but on the sg jr. just not the same. Probably will save it for some type of semi-hollow when I get one.
  5. No snow for awhile, but there's enough in my yard to last the whole winter. We broke our December record with 8 feet. Really nice today. Hoping the ice melts off my roof!
  6. Hey Docmeister, just reading this thread and saw that you live in Pittsford. Have you ever been to House of Guitars? They have tons of guitars and I would think you'd be able to find a few guitars to try out. Next time you're looking you ought to give it a try. (By the way I'm in Syracuse).
  7. Okay, maybe I should back up a bit here. The real problem is I can't get it in tune. I have had a few guitars, but this one just sounds out of tune when you strum a chord. I had a set-up done and the tech said that's the best it will get. Then checked on some forums and it was suggested I change the nut. I talked to a guy who works at GC, but has his own thing going working on guitars on the side. He took a look at it and said no need to change the nut. He liked the guitar and just said basically what the other guy said..."it's not going to get any better." Now I might be hard-headed, and maybe just giving up on this and getting something more expensive is the answer. But, I just like this for it's single pickup (put a Pearly Gates in it). So maybe I'm using the wrong lingo to explain the problem by saying the intonation is off, but I thought it's almost one and the same issue.
  8. I have an epi sg junior that my wife got me last Christmas. One thing that is driving me nuts is the intonation problem. I know this is a cheap guit, and I could trade it for something more expensive but... is there any bridge that has adjustable intonation that can fit this. I purchased a badass style bridge from guitarfetish, but it is too high even after trying to adjust it. It's flat against the body and the strings are very high around the pickups and then get closer towards the nut. Maybe just buying the Wilkinson with the adjustable g/b is the answer?
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