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  1. john mayer U2 freakin despise that band the list could go on forever theres some pretty mediocre music out there
  2. should be fine as long as you don't have any crazy pets, kids, or drunk buddies my sg still lives in the case at all times
  3. man thats bad news, did it take a fall? has temperature changes really caused a neck to just snap?????? i just gigged up in the mountains during some snow it was cold outside and the area i was playing was pretty darn warm, i didnt walk from outside to inside with my sg around my shoulders or anything the neck really is very thin at that area, but i think it would take quite a bit of force to snap the neck
  4. i agree this shape is the only rick shape i like, man those things are sweet...
  5. The beautiful end result: those are some spiffy lookin sg's :D
  6. colorado sunrise burst eh? i gotta get me one of those
  7. http://everythingsg.com/index.php/61-reissue-walnut-.html here everythingsg's page on it, i remember when they came out, Guitar of the Week 2007 - Week 35
  8. are you sure YOU dont have the best finnish on a LP? man i love the natural look
  9. or have you see these badboys? that satin walnut sure is a nice finnish, i think i like it more than my cherry
  10. id say drop the treble a bit, but im sure you have already tried that
  11. haha wow i almost thought it was a real lester at first and i could see the strap just waiting to fall off the whole time, the suspense was killing me what is it about some people not understanding how to use a strap correctly?, i never had a problem, but ive seen many people struggle haha
  12. 2005 61 ri, stock with the 57's at the bridge and neck, dimarzio dualsound at the bidge standard switch positions, with middle pickup on/off and 3 way pickup select for the dimarzio, from single coil, parallel humbucking and opposite cut out and buffed all the copper pieces, (figured copper would wear fast like the nickel and give cool effect which it is) and cut the pick guard and piece above neck pickup out of cocobolo plays like a dream
  13. might spark some intrest http://cgi.ebay.com/2007-Gibson-Les-Paul-Spotlight-Special-Custom-Shop-MINT_W0QQitemZ160408500347QQcmdZViewItemQQptZGuitar?hash=item255917787b#ht_52053wt_1167
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