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  1. Hi..all, I bought a Gibson Les Paul Standard menufactured by 2001. But I found that the volume of neck is bigger then bridge pickup (volumes are turned to 10). And the distance between strings to neck pickup is lower then bridge one. As I know normally brigde should be lower then neck one. So I wound to know 1. The original setting from menufacture. 2. Or could anyone provide the data on yours Gibson LP STD? Thanks very much....
  2. Thanks for supports from all of you. This guitar is located on Japan now, but I bought it last week. And it will be shipped to Taiwan on the end of month. I will send picture to Gibson for certificatig. Thanks.
  3. Please could you give me some info on 01051404? I see this product is on sale, so want to check it first. What color it is, when it was made and where it was originally shipped to. thanks.
  4. sorry to po to wrong place.
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