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  1. I got a hot rod Ford and a two dollar bill... Hey Good Lookin' by Hank Williams What will a two dollar bill get you? A digital download of the Rockabilly Bob CD, It's A Rockin' Ride. Visit CD Baby today for a $2.00 digital download. 10 original tunes, plus the 1959 classic by Santo and Johnny, Sleepwalk. Offer expires 12/25/2014. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!
  2. I got a hot rod Ford and a two dollar bill... Hey Good Lookin' by Hank Williams What will a two dollar bill get you? A digital download of the Rockabilly Bob CD, It's A Rockin' Ride. Visit CD Baby today for a $2.00 digital download. 10 original tunes, plus the 1959 classic by Santo and Johnny, Sleepwalk. Offer expires 12/25/2014. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!
  3. I just bought an Epiphone Hummingbird Pro for use in venues where I wouldn't wanna take my Martins. It really is a nice acoustic and though I've never liked on board electronics, I've been able to get along with the system on the Hummingbird Pro. Today, 12/16/2014, I had the chance to play a new Gibson Hummingbird. in a local music store. Long story short...I'll stick with my black Epi Hummingbird.
  4. Yup, I got a truss rod and an Allen hex wrench. And sometimes...I get confused.
  5. Yes, I ordered one a couple of months ago when they first hit the street. Mine had a loud hum/buzz. I returned it. At one point a couple of weeks ago, MF had six of these listed at a discount because they had been returned.
  6. I've had good success dating Epiphones with this link. Guitar Dater Project
  7. I'm really tempted to put a Bigsby on this guitar, though the Bigsby would cost more than half what I paid for the Dot! The original owners manual and warranty card were in the case. A truss rod still stapled to the owners manual. I did put the truss rod to use and loosened the rod a little to allow some relief. The buzz from the A string disappeared. I'm pretty pleased. The Dot is a real player and love that deep. cherry finish.
  8. No, I don't have a Country Gent. My main guitar is a Gretsch 6120DSW. I also occasionally use a 6120DSV-BLK, or last weekend, a G5127. (There's a pattern here. I love single coils.) The Broadway is mellow and woody in sound, but works very well for 50's r&r, rockabilly and classic country. Really easy to play too. Very comfortable. Not to mention, a beautiful blonde. I think it has a kinda Bill Haley vibe to it.
  9. Again, it's the goal of feeling comfortable with the instrument. And finally, rather than over analyze all this...just play.
  10. rlw, I agree, you should make it as easy as possible to learn and progress. If a guitar doesn't feel right, it's a struggle to enjoy and learn. You shouldn't fret (excuse the pun), but give yourself and the guitar a chance to bond. I like the Dot because it has a fat neck and I have big hands. It suits me, but it may not suit all. I've even found the Dot is a challenge on some fretboard stretches. It won't be my primary guitar, so it doesn't concern me too much. Again, it's the goal of feeling comfortable with the instrument, feeling like you're in control and the guitar (or neck) isn't dictating what you play. Would you agree?
  11. Oh yes. I love the two tone green Gretsch Anniversary. I didn't like the Filtertron pickups, so, I sold it. I just had to have some gold sparkle in my collection. I also love the DeArmond 2000 pickups of my Gretsch G-5128. Keeper!
  12. I've played several Casinos and owned a couple. The necks were not nearly as fat as a Dot.
  13. They are in production. I got mine through Musicians Friend. I began by inquiring about a "used" one they had. The sales rep offered me a new one at the same price. I do like it a lot. I'm basically a single coil player, but the humbuckers on this guitar are fairly bright. It comes strung with Gibson Brite Wires. I plan to stick with them when I change strings. The pickups deliver a lot of output. I usually run my Blues Jr amp volume at about 4 when I play my Gretsch hollow bodys, or an Epi ES 295. I have to turn the amp volume down to 2 and I run the Broadway volume at about 1 for in home practice. (I always have the BJ Fat Switch engaged. If I turn off the Fat Switch, I can run the amp volume at 4.) I also run a little less bass on the amp when playing the Broadway. It will be interesting to see how it handles volume on a gig. I know I can't get directly in front of the amp. It howls! The Broadway is most often pigeon holed as a jazz guitar, but I'm playing rockabilly, 50's-60's rock n' roll and classic country on it. The current Broadways are made in Korea.
  14. I had a new natural Dot and a new Dot Deluxe about three years ago. They had "chunky" necks. I recently bought a 2005 cherry Dot and guess what? It has a chunky neck. As an earlier poster noted, Dots are known for fat necks. They are very comfortable necks for me, since I have big hands. (I like wide necks on acoustic guitars too.)
  15. I have three Epiphones now and really enjoy them. Each is very different. An ES295, the Dot and this beautiful Broadway.
  16. I love Johnny Rivers and always wanted a cherry 335 like he played. This guitar isn't a Gibson, but it is cherry and it sounds great on the intros to Memphis and Secret Agent Man. (First things I played on it.) This Dot is 10 years old, but is in terrific shape. I found three pin head size owees on the front, one on the back of the head stock. I'm a single coil guy, but these pickups are bright. The neck is thick and wide. I like that. It came in an Epiphone 335 style hard shell case for $250. I like that too.
  17. I have long admired the classic good looks of the Epiphone Broadway. On the other hand, I'm a dyed in the wool single coil addict. For example, I love Telecasters and my favorite Gretsch guitars have Dynasonics. But, I'm very happy with this Broadway. The humbuckers are really good. Lots of gain and full sounding. The neck isn't skinny. It feels good to me and I have big hands. The Broadway is typically described as a "jazz guitar", but it's capable of more. After removing a little bass from my usual BJ III settings, I have a sound that suits classic country and rockabilly just fine. Things like Mystery Train, Matchbox, Hey Good Lookin', That's Alright Mama, etc, really rip. (I do miss a Bigsby.) This guitar is also very loud when played unplugged. Much louder than any Gretsch hollow body I own. The guitar comes strung with Gibson Brite Wire .11's. I like them. I'm sure the guitar would take on a whole new personality if strung with flatwounds. As for now, I like it the way it is. Has anyone else out there had experiences with an Epiphone Broadway?
  18. I used an Epiphone ES 295 with an SM57 mic on the G5222 Gretsch amp. Hope you enjoy Build Me A Woman from my CD, It's A Rockin' Ride. Build Me A Woman It's A Rockin' Ride from CD Baby
  19. My version of the 1959 classic by Santo & Johnny has evolved over the years. I have a very simple recording set up. The guts being a Tascam 8 track desk top recorder, Presonus dual channel preamp and a Shure SM57 close micing a Gretsch Playboy amp. The electric guitar is a Gretsch G6120DSW. I record and mix, then send to a local, professional studio, for volume leveling and a bit of sonic tidying up. Hope you enjoy it. Sleepwalk It's A Rockin' Ride-Rockabilly Bob & The Beaters
  20. David, I think playing the guitar for a little while is a good idea. See if it feels comfortable to you. If after awhile you notice buzzes or areas on the fretboard where notes don't ring true. or intonation is way off, then consider getting a professional set up. A guitar that is set up well can be the difference between enjoyment or discouragement. A guitar that is set up to sound and play as well as it possibly can is a wonderful thing. I am fortunate enough to own three Martin acoustics. Each of them required a little professional tweaking to get them right for me. Congratulations on your new guitar! B)
  21. I haven't played a Fender Sonoran, but I do have a Fender Kingman acoustic. It's the "Elvis Presley model". Plays very well. A really nice rhythm type guitar with a big C shape neck. I've used it for recording a couple of times. The Epiphone EL-00 seems to be one of those acoustics that benefits from being amplified. The Fishman Sonitone pickup sounds very good.
  22. I have to admit, the small body, sunburst, attracted me to this guitar. I ordered one from MF and took a chance with a 15% off coupon. What do you expect from a $300 guitar? Well, I got more than I expected. It is a very appealing guitar in the looks department. Beautiful sunburst, seems to be solid and playable. I thought it sounded a little "thin", at first, but I had it set up by my local tech, and the guitar played so well. I plugged into my Crate Gunnison amp. Amplified, this guitar really beefs up. The under saddle Fishman pickup produces a really nice, full sound, with chords. The bass comes alive. I really like the size. Epiphone calls it a 00 size, but it fits comfortably into a Martin 000 size case. I'm taking this guitar out for a live gig in a week. Then, I'll hear what in can do in a live situation. So far, I really like the playability and plugged in tone of this guitar. For the past 12 years I've played only Martin 000 size guitars for gigging.
  23. The strings on my Casino don't have the colored ball ends of the D'Addarios. I guess it really doesn't matter, as I'll change them to D'Addarios anyway. Thanks for your response though. It was the only one that addressed my question.
  24. Does anyone know what brand strings they are strung with? Just curious. Very light weight. I'm looking forward to playing a gig with it.
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