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  1. Jeff: After scouring he country.... A friend of mine at The Guitar Center was able to locate one for me. My understanding is that it was the last new one available... anywhere. Best of Luck ps: I solved the "gunky" neck problem by wiping the neck down with some VM&P Naptha... worked like a charm.
  2. I strongly agree with your comment about the case. For the prices that we are paying for these Guitars the quality of the case should be commensurate with the quality of the guitar. The cases that came with my PRS and with my Yamaha are way superior to the Gibson case. Just my 2-cents
  3. I just received my brand new 50th Anniversary Les Paul "Black Beauty" I love the way it feels, plays and sounds. But.... after playing for about 10-15 minutes the neck gets very sticky and appears to have some "gunky" residue on it. I called Gibson customer service and was advised to wipe down the neck with Naptha and to leave the guiutar case open to let it "air-out". I've owned countless guitars over the years - Gibsons included - and have never had this sort of problem. It seems strange to me that a new instrument, costing $5000. should have such a problem. I'm also a bit hesitant to be using Naptha on new Nitro finish. Has anybody else had this problem?
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