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  1. I've also purchased a RS Guitarworks vintage kit to replace the factory one. That might change the overall tone (I haven't installed yet).
  2. Thanks! I have a Traditional Plus with 57 Classica and 57 Classic plus, but the are nickel covered. I do believe that removing the covers may result in some tonal changes but I have never tried.
  3. Hi all, I'm considering replacing my 57's for a pair of Slash Seymour Duncans. Has anyone here replaced 57's for the Slash pickups in a LP? Would you recommend Slash pickups? My neck pickup sounds a bit muddy and I'm looking for that beautiful creamy break-up that Slash manages to have when using the neck pick up. Thanks,
  4. Thanks a lot Pippy! I will look for the article.
  5. Thanks, I have seen the first video for 5 seconds (I hate this guy playing) but the second one is really good. Best,
  6. Hi all, I am looking for top notch pickups for my Les Paul and I heard a lot about Lollars and Fralin, but I cant find any sound samples. Does anyone that owns a LP with Lollars or Fralins have audio or video demos of the pickups? If not, any comments? Should I expect improvement when replacing my 57' classic and classic plus? Best, Gui
  7. Thanks guys, RCT, as I told you the guitar hasn't been played for 6 months, thus no natural oil from our fingers were not transferred to the fretboard - as it usually happens. I will oil it twice a year. Also, I just bought the Fretboard Doctor which seems to be the best product.
  8. Hi all, My LP is being kept in its case for a long time without being played (around 6 months). Would you recommend any special care? I ask someone to moisturize my fretboard with Dunlop's lemon oil since I imagined it would be very dry due to the lack of playing. How often should a guitar in this situation have its fretboard moisturized with lemon oil? Thanks!
  9. Seriously??!?! You've got that guitar?! I have to tell I am jealous!! I must have seen that video (and also the 20k worth of Gibson) 10 times. Congratulations on the guitar. My LP has 57's classic an plus and I want something more creamy on the neck, hence the BB1 came to mind. Take care.
  10. CORRECTION: The site says BB I and III (not I and II).
  11. Thanks for your reply. I have seen those videos (big fan of those guys). Gibson website says the Collector's choice #2 comes with burstbuckers I and II. I just want to know their position...
  12. Hi folks, I have recently listen to a LP Collector's Choice #2 and it was the best sounding guitar I have ever listened to. I know it comes with burstbucker I and II, but I don't know where each one goes. Does the burstbucker I goes on the neck? Best,
  13. Hi everyone, The LP Traditional comes with 300k Linear Volume, 500k Non-linear Tone. Should I upgrade the 300k for 500k? What would be the difference? Best, G.
  14. Do you think the nickel cover makes any difference on the sound? If I use DiMarzios on the LP I would use pickups with nickel covers...
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