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  1. Awhile back I posted here about my Epi Lucille,which was so bad I had to do a complete make over,well,make over is finished,new high end harness, nut,strings and fixed truss rod,I installed the original Epi 57s for now thinking to change them when funds become available,plugged Lucille into my Roland 30x,big improvement but, nothing to write home about,I then dragged out my old Peavey teal bandit 112(1991)fired it up with Lucille and whoa!!I'm on to something here,the sound that came from Lucille is exactly what I was looking for,I've read about the Epi Classic 57s being crappy,but in my case no so,I won't be changing the 57s any time soon.
  2. Epiphone and I are no longer on speaking terms as far as their warranty is concerned( very long story)however,Epi did send me a new set of pickups free even though the pickups were the wrong set for Lucille(not classic 57s). Seems to me that the Gibson/Epiphone warranty policy is geared more for the Gibson owners than the Epiphone owners,I have a friend who has a Gibson Les Paul Supreme,whenever he calls Gibson about his Supreme,Gibson goes all out to satisfy him,I call about my Epiphone and the chit hits the proverbial fan.
  3. Seems that buying a Epi Lucille is a luck of the draw,either you get a good one or you don't,in my case I got a total disaster,Lucille was fine until the day after the warranty ran out(just my luck,"If I didn't have bad luck,I'd have no luck at all")She just started dying one component at a time. The whole point of my post is I am looking for help trying to salvage a $700 investment.
  4. I have1 Tele and 4 Strats,I really like Lucille,its the crappy electronics Epi uses.
  5. I did some research about Epi's pickups,seems there is a great dislike for them and are swapped out as soon possible,yet,when I go to Youtube and listen to a Epi with the stock Epi pickups,they sound great, Am I missing something here?
  6. The electronics in my Epi Lucille chit the bed,bridge pickup died first,toggle switch went next,varitone decided to squeal like a pig, truss rod slides back and forth in neck,all electronics are now absolutely dead. I have now completely gutted this beast for a complete make over. First,the truss rod,Googled the net,seems some Epiphone guitars have my problem and was advised that as long as the truss rod could still be adjusted,don't worry about it,my truss rod works even though its slides back and forth,problem solved??. Next,the wiring harness,no problem there as the harness is the same as a LP without the varitone switch,speaking of which I will be using a Big D varitone switch,I have several Big Ds and Gibson does not even come close to a Big D. Next,pickups,here I have need of advice,Lucille came with Epi classic 57s,not bad sounding,but not my cup of tea. I can not afford Gibson 57s,TV Jones etc,so I'm looking at GFS pickups,any thoughts? I play old school surf and country lead guitar("Don't know no chords"ala BB King)and use 12/52s flatwound strings. One other option I like is to install dog ear P90s(neck and bridge)or humbucker in the bridge and P90 humbucker in the neck.
  7. Epiphone Lucille is brand new out of the box,no mods,no adjustments,has factory strings still on it. Plays nice for now although she needs some tweaking. The problem with Lucille is that when using effects pedals(Bad Monkey/Digitech Delay)plugged straight into the amp (Roland Cube 30X)she produces a loud hum,however if I plug her into the amp(no effects)she is very quite(no hum). I have other guitars(Artcore,Tele,Strat and Hofner)that do not hum when using the same amp and effects pedals. Seems Lucille does not take kindly to pedals,any other Lucille owners have this problem?
  8. No I'm not that guy,I have the chassis on the bench as of now checking everything including the PT as you mentioned. Here's what I came up with so far,with the chassis out of the cab, it works fine,but when installed in the cab the roaring returns, I'm thinking the 4 large metal screws that hold the chassis are the culprit.
  9. Epiphone Valve Junior v#3 No mods.Replaced the stock tubes with 1 JJ ECC83 S Gold Pins and 1 JJ EL84 about 7 months ago,the head sounded great until 3 days ago,When the amp is switched on, there is NO NOISE for about 2 minutes,then a loud roaring kicks in,this roaring lasts about 50/60 seconds,then stops completely,from then on the amp performs flawlessly,this roaring only happen on start up.Here's the weird part,the roaring does NOT come through the speaker,it comes from the head only. When this first started I thought,speaker problem, NOT!I unplugged everything and just plugged the power cord in,switched it on,and as stated above the roaring kicks in at the head. Any ideas what causes this?
  10. I just wanted to say thanks for the help on my 2x12,a special thanks to fuse who steered me in the right direction. HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO EVERYONE!!
  11. To mtheory "As to the author's thread subject, fuse called it...wire them in parallel, install a good switchcraft jack, use good quality speaker wire, make your connections rock solid, and you'll never have to think twice about your 4 ohm extension cab".Just finished gutting a dead Peavey Classic Chorus 212,kept the SP Scorpions in the cabinet,wired the 8ohm speakers parallel,connected my Epiphone Junior head(with JJ tubes)all I can say is WOW!,sounds great with a American Tele.
  12. Makes sense to me,I'm going to wire the speakers in parallel with the impedance @4 ohms.As stated before the chassis will be completely removed from the cabinet leaving the cabinet with only the 2 speakers and a 1/4 jack.Why waste a good cabinet with the speakers already installed?Again,1 cabinet,2 speakers and 1 jack,everything else is gone.
  13. I have a Epiphone Valve Junior3 head,I also have a dead Peavey Classic Chorus 212. The Peavey speakers are 12"Scorpions(8 ohm ea,) and are in excellent working condition. I am going to remove the guts in the Peavey cabinet but keep the Scorpions in place. Is there a way to connect these speakers to the Epiphone head?If so,what would I need for the connection?By the way on the back of the head are 3 jacks-4-8-16 OHMs.
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